What Are Volume Eyelash Extensions:
Everything about Them

Volume lashing is the most popular eyelash extension trend right now. Russian volume lashing is another name for them. Classic extensions aren’t as popular as they once were. In the eyelash industry, volume lashes have taken over.

Volume lashes are safe for natural lashes, this is the ideal answer for your clients with sparse or missing lashes. They are significantly lighter in weight than traditional lashes, and the weight of the fan is equally dispersed around the natural lash once applied, ensuring that it is never overly heavy and that the lash can grow out correctly. In this article, We’ll explain exactly what they are and why you’ll adore them as much as we do.

What Are Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume eyelash extension

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Volume lashes are created by fanning out many lash extensions and applying them to one natural lash (one too many). Volume eyelash extensions allow for a high amount of customization to obtain the desired look for the client. This approach will make your lash line look bigger and fluffier.

Volume lashes are a lighter version of classic lashes. Volume lashes are 0.07mm in diameter and weigh a fraction of the weight of traditional lashes. Volume lashes are an excellent choice for individuals who have fine or sparse lashes. It fills in the crevices and gives the eyes a dramatic and glamorous appearance.

Volume lashes make lashes seem stunning by giving them a softer, fuller, and fluffier finish. These amazing lashes are quite light. They can even settle for a longer amount of time if properly maintained.

The Difference Between Mega
Volume and Volume Lashes

Volume eyelash extensions

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The number of false lashes utilized to make a fan and the diameter of these false lashes is the difference between mega volume and traditional volume. A mega volume fan will utilize 6 to 16 false lashes with diameters ranging from 0.03 to 0.05 mm, whereas a volume fan will use 2 to 5 false lashes with diameters ranging from 0.05 to 0.07. Due to the utilization of these lightweight fans with several extensions, Mega Volume provides for a denser and darker effect.

Volume lashes on the other hand, are actually lighter than classic lashes. One (3D) Volume fan weighs less than 1 classic lash extension. Also, a lot less glue is used during the volume technique so you don’t feel any weight on your eyes at all. You just see beautiful fluffy lashes.

When to Use Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume set lashes

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Extra-thin lashes are known as volume lashes. They resemble feathers in appearance. You can apply numerous lashes per natural lash using volume lashes, giving your customer a more dramatic effect. It all relies on your client’s preferences.

Because you’re tailoring each volume fan as you apply the extensions to your client’s natural lashes, volume lashes might be a little more challenging to apply.

When adding volume lashes, it’s critical to consider the thickness and strength of your client’s natural lashes. You can then decide how many volume lashes to apply per natural lash based on your findings.

You can apply up to 10 lashes per lash on a thicker lash. Volume eyelash extensions come in a variety of weights, ranging from.03 to.10. The heavier the lash, the higher the number. So, while you’re applying a massive amount of pressure to your clientele, remember to start with the. The lightest weight is number three.

When in doubt about what weight to give your clients, always go for the safe option. Give your clients no more than three or four lashes per natural lash in a 3D or 4D application.

Pros and Cons.

Before and after volume eyelash extension installation



  1. It gives consumers with sparse natural lashes a broader appearance. 
  2. It can be used to create a textured and complete pair of lashes by combining volume lashes with classic lashes. 
  3. Volume lashes have a longer retention period than conventional lashes. This is because a fan wrap with many lashes provides a more connected surface.
  4. It’s a fantastic long-term choice for those who spend more time getting dressed each day. It draws attention to the eyes at all times and keeps the lashes looking natural.



  1. Not all lash artists are qualified. – An untrained artist can cause eye injury. 
  2. When choosing a less expensive salon, the tools and beauty chemicals used can cause infection and long-term harm to the eyes.
  3. They are more costly than classic lashes. However, if you want better outcomes, you must invest more. – If you want to keep your lashes in good form, you’ll need to invest in their upkeep.

Aftercare Tips

Cleaned lash extensions

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  • You don’t need to use mascara if you have volume lashes. Volume lashes create a depth and fullness of lash extension that no mascara can match.
  • Volume lashes do not require lash sticks, as is the case with traditional lashes. They’re made in such a way that severe combing can harm the lashes’ sharpness.
  • For Volume lashes, a standard artist  and quality eyelash extension is not the best option. The eyes are a very delicate element of the body. You can’t afford to take the chance. As a result, you should seek out a reputed salon with a skilled lash artist.

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