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suppliers In Japan

The eyes contribute immensely to a beautiful face. They are also a symbol of romance. You can quickly tell someone likes you by looking at their eyes. The eyes can also communicate where the mouth cannot. It is for these reasons that they have to be taken good care of. They can also be beautified in so many ways, like attaching lashes extensions to your natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions are single lashes that a person can attach to their natural eyelashes one at a time. They are made of natural materials like silk and mink. Lash extensions can be tailored to one’s interests. The good thing about using them is that they eliminate the need for using fake eyelashes and mascara.

As much as lash extensions look attractive and add beauty, they also have a potential risk to the user’s skin and eyes. You must choose a well-trained and experienced lash technician to do the attachment. Interested persons should also consider the following well-known manufacturers and suppliers.




  • Region: Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China
  • Company classification: Manufacturer,  Supplier, and Wholesalers
  • Year of establishment: 2021
  • Major Products: Eyelash extension

Starseed was established in 2021, 10 years after it had been in operation. The company is situated in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China, and it is well known for the best quality eyelashes extension. Being in the beauty industry for such a long time, they have captured a significant market in China. 

At Starseed, quality is their priority over everything else since the market is saturated with low-quality lashes. Your eyelashes manufacturer must be transparent and honest about their quality and manufacturing processes. One must be cautious when choosing a supplier for the prosperity of your brand. Starseed prides itself on its approachable and caring manner in working with its clients to match their lashes preferences.

At Starseed, materials are vital. Their production team keeps strict checks on the lash materials sourced. Material suppliers are fully sustainable and ethically managed then audited by a well-managed supplier system. Shipping is done securely and fast by DHL and FedEx globally.




  • Region: Japan
  • Company classification: Manufacturer and suppliers
  • Major Products: Eyelash extension

Matsuken is a company focusing on supplying quality eyelashes. They have a dedicated team that concentrates on showing the essence of the Japanese Cosmetic Industry. They are strict and monitor every process, from production to quality management; they just don’t put more attention on machines. Some products are naturally hand-made by experienced experts to achieve the required quality. Shipping is also another service they offer globally, ideally since it is secure and economical.


Matsu.lash Logo


  • Region: Japan
  • Company classification: Manufacturer and suppliers
  • Major Products: Eyelash extension

Matsu.lash is a Japanese eyelash extension company that is user-friendly and has long-lasting extension services for clients. Most people have a tight schedule, and it is impossible to spare time to apply eye makeup. Instead of an elaborate eye makeup ritual, you can choose a more accessible and convenient option like lash extensions.

With expert lash artists at your disposal, eyelash extensions can be attached in just a couple of hours, and the extensions are guaranteed to serve you for several weeks. Their lash technicians are certified with Japan Eyelash extension Certificate Authority (JECA) and had their training in Japan with Matsukaze Co. This means quality cannot be a disappointment. They also do deliveries of the products locally and also ship globally.

BNQ False Eyelash Maker



  • Region: Thu Dau Mot Town., Binh Duong, Vietnam
  • Company classification: Manufacturer
  • Year of establishment: 2012
  • Major Products: Eyelash extension

BNQ False Eyelash Maker was founded in 2012, located in Binh Duong, Vietnam. They import their material from Japan to help them manufacture Eyelash Extension. Their lash experts analyze the needs of their clients, suggesting customized methods to fit their facial appearance. Their extensions are modeled to fix the shape of the eyes making clients happy and satisfied. They ship both locally and worldwide, including to Japan.



  •  Region: Malasia
  • Company classification: Manufacturer, Supplier, and Wholesalers
  • Year of establishment: 2013
  • Major Products: Eyelash extension

Toplash is a Malaysian company dealing with the manufacture of eyelashes. It was established in 2013. They offer large varieties of eyelash extensions to provide the clients with multiple choices. They have gained more experience in the market and ranked as top-five supplies of lash extensions in Malaysia. Its manufacturing team is focused on core business and ready to deliver the best services.

Its central plan is to offer its clients the most innovative and safe products for their businesses or personal use. They have highly skilled and qualified staff, both in eyelash extension and delivering other services. All their aftercare products are produced in South Korea and Japan with the highest standards in the market. Shipping is also another central fact. They ship both locally and internationally, including in Japan.

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    Generally, those interested in using lash extensions should ensure they get them from the best manufacturers and suppliers. They should also observe all the rules and regulations related to lash extension attachment. Some of these guidelines include checking the list of ingredients used in the adhesives. Formaldehyde compound should be avoided because it is harmful to the skin. Lash extension attachment should also be done by a certified cosmetologist and in a clean environment.

    Lastly, is to ensure surgical glue is used and not nail glue. All these are sorted out by Starseed.The materials used to make their lashes are tested and verified to be safe. In case of any inquiries, contact Starseed

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