How to Remove and Clean Magnetic
Lashes the Right Way

Looking fabulous doesn’t necessarily mean spending very many hours in the salon; many other alternatives do not require all of your time. Eye makeup has been rising and improving daily, with several companies investing and innovating different ways of making women look glamorous with little effort. From celebrities to regular people, many people are embracing false lashes as a way of enhancing their eyes and making them pop.

Magnetic lashes are among these inventions making beauty easy for any woman. In this post, we guide you on removing and cleaning magnetic lashes the right way to elongate their life span and make you look even more glamorous. Let’s dive in.

How to Remove Magnetic Lashes

Removing Magnetic Lashes the Right Way

Removing magnetic lashes is a simple process since it does not involve any adhesive that may make it a little bit challenging. Magnetic lashes have a band infused with magnets that stick to another strip of lashes when you apply. Your natural eyelashes are between the two strips, and this is the reason you need to be cautious when removing the lashes. Removing magnetic lashes has the following steps;

Step I: Start by removing the lashes from the outer corner to the inner corner and gently pulling away from the lash line. Make sure you are holding the lash band and not the magnet or the lashes themselves. Holding the lash extensions properly makes sure the lashes are removed without damage to the lash band and the magnets.

Step II: if you were using magnetic eyeliner, remove it after removing the lashes. Put an eye makeup remover on a cotton pad and press it on your lash line for a few seconds. It will give enough time for the remover to work its magic on the eyeliner. Ensure that the makeup remover is equally spread on the lash line to do its job successfully. Also, do not use oil base removers as this will damage the magnetic properties of the magnetic eyeliner.

Step III: clean the magnets of the lashes with the appropriate cleanser or with some warm water. This step is crucial as any debris left on the lashes might cause infections to the eyes when you put them back on. Eye infections like blepharitis are due to the accumulation of dirt and debris around the eye leading to blockage of oil and tear glands; hence inflammation occurs. Proper magnet and lash hygiene prevent such infections.

Step IV: for safekeeping, put the magnetic lashes back into their box. The lash packaging helps in keeping them clean for your subsequent use. Additionally, the box is a maintenance tool since it assists in retaining the magnetic power, making them last longer. When placing the lashes in the box, ensure you put them in the correct position they came in, click the lashes back into the magnetic area.

How to Clean Magnetic
Lashes the Right Way

Magnetic Lashes With High Quality

Having clean and well-maintained magnetic lashes is the way to go if you want them to last longer. Cleaning magnetic lashes is not complicated; instead, you can do a simple procedure every time you remove them from your eyes. It is essential to conduct regular cleaning as this will promote your eye health and save you money by preventing constant replacement of the lashes. There are two easy methods of cleaning magnetic lashes; they are as follows.

Standard Method

Using Makeup Remover to Clean Magnetic Lashes

It is the most commonly used method in cleaning magnetic lashes. It involves simple techniques that only take a few minutes to complete. In this method, you need the following; tweezers, cotton swabs, alcohol, and makeup remover.


  1. Remove the magnetic lashes: you need to take off the lashes from your eyes first before commencing any cleaning using tweezers. Do not attempt to clean lashes when still on your eyes, even if you are in a hurry. Before detaching the lashes, it is wise to ensure your hands are clean to prevent any infections to your eyes.
  2. Lash cleaning: soak the cotton swab in eye makeup remover to wipe off any eyeliner remnants and dirt on the lashes. Remember to use an oil-free makeup remover as oil damages the magnets. Wipe the lashes softly by applying a little pressure enough to remove residues but not distort the lashes. You need to do this step cautiously because too much pressure will destroy the lashes and distort their shape.
  3. Magnet cleaning: the magnets on the lashes need to be clean as well. Use alcohol to wipe off all the makeup and eyeliner on the magnets. Use a clean cotton swab, soak it in alcohol (90%), and gently clean the magnets. Do it as softly as possible because any scratch will damage the lashes and magnets. 
  4. Drying: never forget to dry the lashes correctly. Put them on a clean towel or piece of clothing, and let them dry. 


Matte Metal Eyelash Tweezers

You need makeup remover, tweezers, a plastic container, eyelash comb, and tissues for this method.


  1. Use the tweezers to remove the eyelashes carefully not to harm your natural lashes. Follow the steps above on how to remove magnetic lashes. Ensure your hands are clean before starting the process.
  2. Put your lashes in a clean container and pour the makeup remover on top until it covers the lashes. Leave the lashes in the remover for about five minutes and not longer. Leaving them longer than the recommended time will cause more harm than good. The makeup remover will then displace makeup and eyeliner from the lashes. After five minutes, take the lashes out of the solution using tweezers and place them on tissue paper.
  3. Remove any eyeliner or makeup remaining on the magnets and lashes. You can do this using a pair of tweezers but cautiously. 
  4. Rewash the lashes to ensure they are spotless. Pour some makeup remover on the container(make sure the container is clean) and place the lashes in it. Move the lashes gently in the container from side to side and then change to the other side. 
  5. After cleaning them the second time, dry the lashes by placing them on a tissue and let them dry for a few minutes. After the lashes are dry, use an eyelash comb on the lashes to make them look more presentable. Combining the lashes is a good way of maintaining them since it helps in maintaining their shape.

Additional Maintenance Tips on Magnetic Lashes

Maintaining Magnetic Lashes for a Gorgeous Look
  • Do not store your magnetic lashes in their packaging when still wet; ensure they are completely dry before putting them away.
  • Store the lashes in a dry environment where there is less moisture in the air.
  • Keep the lashes away from direct sunlight. Sun rays alter the color of the lashes, making them fade and look overused.
  • Always store the magnetic lashes in their original box. The manufacturer designs the packaging to keep the lashes in good condition while maintaining the magnets. Also, the pack helps in retaining its shape.
  • Avoid touching your magnetic lashes with dirty hands; whenever you want to handle your lashes, sanitize first to ensure your hands are free from germs and dirt.
  • Do not share your magnetic lashes with anyone else. If a friend needs their lashes, direct them to the best lash manufacturer, Starseed, where they will get high-quality magnetic lashes at fair prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are magnetic lashes safe?

Yes, magnetic lashes are safe to use around the eyes, just like any other lashes. Moreover, since magnetic lashes do not use glue, it prevents glue from getting into your eyes.

Can magnetic lashes damage the natural lashes?

Magnetic lashes do not harm your natural lashes since they attach to your eyelids and not the lashes. If you use them correctly, they are entirely safe for your lashes.

Can you reuse magnetic lashes?

Yes, magnetic lashes are reusable as many times as possible, depending on how you maintain them. Always remember to clean them every time you remove them from your eyes to keep the magnets and the lashes in good shape.

Is it hard to put on magnetic lashes?

No, magnetic lashes are easy to apply, and you do not need a lot of time to do it. Follow this guide on how to apply magnetic lashes.

Can you apply mascara on magnetic lashes?

Avoid any makeup on magnetic lashes. Applying mascara on magnetic lashes will damage them, decreasing their lifespan. If you need eye makeup, then apply to your natural lashes then put on your magnetic lashes.

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