25mm Extra Beauty Mink Eyelashes​
25mm Extra Beauty Mink Eyelashes​
25mm Extra Beauty Mink Eyelashes​
25mm Extra Beauty Mink Eyelashes​
25mm Extra Beauty Mink Eyelashes​

25mm Extra Beauty Mink Eyelashes​

Item No.: X12

Crack everyone’s conformity on beauty with that breathtaking glance of yours. Our 3D mink lash features fluttery and natural bristles with a medium volume that looks like natural hair. Each movement of your head creates a distinct movement of the lashes, drawing the attention of any onlookers to your eyes.

We pride ourselves in only using materials from vegan sources, allowing us to follow cruelty-free standards that can make the world a better place. The material we use also makes the lashes durable enough to be wearable up to 25 times, letting you create a strong impression for several nights.

All of our 3D lashes use safe mink and cotton materials that will not cause any irritation to almost all skin types. The cotton band also makes the lash comfortable to wear for an entire day.

Product Highlights:

Reusable up to 25 times

Vegan and cruelty-free materials

Fluttery and natural effect

Medium volume for an in-depth look

Quick private labeling

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