How To Choose The Right Type Of Lash Bed

Owning a lash bed is one of the ways you can make your lash studio stand out from the rest. A lot of investors opt to establish lash studios but they lack the important lash tools and equipment. This is always a challenge because clients will thoroughly research a number of lash studios then choose the one which is well equipped. 

Your clients need to be comfortable during the lash extension application process. The lash technician also needs the client to be positioned in a manner that they can easily access their eyes. There are a lot of lash bed styles in the market and choosing the best one of them all can be very challenging. This article will guide you on the factors to consider when looking for the best lash beds and why you should own one.

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Lash Bed

There are a lot of things that should be kept in mind during the process of looking for the best lash bed. These factors contribute hugely to the proper functioning of those specific beds. Let us look at them one after the other.

The Size Of Your Lash Bed


Be specific on how low or high you need your lash beds to be. Try and look for a lash bed that can accommodate clients of different sizes. The short, the tall, heavy, and even the light ones. Remember to strike a balance between a height that is comfortable for your client and also comfortable for you to work with.

 You can look for lash beds with a width that lies between 65-70cm. There is also an option of adjustable lash beds that can provide the needed height for all sizes of clients and appropriate working height for the lash technician. Too high or too low bed lashes may lead to the client’s back and neck pains.



Applying lash extensions on a client’s eyes takes approximately 1-2hours. This is a long period of time for the client and the lash artist to get tired. Make sure the lash bed that you purchase will give the client comfort for the whole application process. You can give clients some pillows and soft blankets to make them feel warm and relaxed during the whole process.

Material Used To Make The Lash Bed


The kind of material used to make the lash bed should be durable and easy to clean. You can use a piece of cloth and some water to wipe it on a daily basis. Regularly disinfect the lash bed to remove any germs from it. There is an option of using a plastic vinyl cover to protect the bed and the client at the same time.

The Base Of The Lash Bed


As a lash artist, ensure you purchase a lash bed whose base cannot get on your way when working. In most cases, people prefer a lash bed with four legs. Such a bed will leave enough space for your legs to stretch comfortably. A simple four-in-legged lash bed has more than enough space under it for the lash technician to place their leg.

Availability Of Your Lash Bed’s Replacement Parts


Any man-made object can break down at any time. Your seemingly so strong lash bed may break or get worn out. When such happens, you will need to purchase new parts for replacement. Ensure you can easily access those parts, and they should be of good quality and price.

The Cost Of A Lash Bed


The kind of lash bed that you purchase should be able to match your pocket. Don’t overspend on the lash bed forgetting there are other tools needed for the application process to take place. Be cautious not to go for a bed that is too cheap yet of poor quality.

Ways On How To Make Your Lash Bed More Comfortable

Comfortability is key when you have the intention of attracting new clients and retaining loyal ones. There are several ways you can make your lash bed more comfortable.

Using A Lash Bed Cover


This is a must-have item if you own a lash bed. The lash cover holds the extra pads added on the lash bed in position. That prevents the pad from slipping and causing clients discomfort during lash application. Lash Beds are very expensive and they need to be well taken care of for them to last for a long period. 

A lash bed cover protects the original lash bed material from dirt and being torn. The covers should be brightly colored to make the lash studio attractive. Consider using plastic vinyl covers which are easy to clean and they are very comfortable for clients.

Using Lash Bed Pillows


Pillows contribute largely to the client’s comfort while in the lash studio. They should be soft enough, removable, and washable. There is also an option of using pillow liners. We have ergonomic lash pillows which align the client’s head properly to provide an appropriate angle for the lash technician to work. We also have leg pillows which are very important for the perfect lash nap. 

Leg pillows follow the natural curve of the legs, providing the perfect support. They also help in elevating the client’s legs and in the process improving blood circulation in the whole body. The pillows can be shaped differently.  For instance, U-shaped pillows are designed to restrict the movement of the client’s head during the lash application process. Pillows also offer perfect working space for the lash technician, just right next to the customer’s head. They perfectly fit small beds.

Using Heating Pad


Having this device will make your lash studio stand out from the rest. Many lash technicians don’t have an idea that this simple device can flood customers into their lash studios. The heating pad helps in reducing muscle aches, back and neck pain. It has adjustable levels which provide continuous heat flow, as long as the pad is on. Your clients will feel relaxed if such a device is used on them during the lash application process.

Using Lash Bed Topper


Many massage beds that are used as lash beds come with cushions that will get deflated over time. Using a lash bed in such situations is very crucial. The lash bed topper will ensure clients don’t leave your lash studio with a backache but rather a happy face. With such treatment, they will always also look forward to their next appointment. They will also refer their friends and relatives.

Using Light Blankets


Look for a number of brightly colored light blankets. They will light up the room and provide warmth to your clients. Providing your client with a cozy blanket promotes a peaceful lash nap. Consider buying blankets that are durable to avoid unnecessary replacement. Always provide each client with fresh and perfectly scented blankets.

    Start Your Lash Business


    A comfortable lashing place is very important when applying lash extensions to clients. The lash bed is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any lash studio. A little investment in it will help any lash business thrive very rapidly. Also, invest in quality lash tools that are essential in the smooth running of the lash application process. For more information on lash extensions, click here.

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