Hybrid Lashes Vs Classic Lashes

Eyelash extensions are a make-up application used to modify the thickness, length, curl and fullness of natural eyelashes. The extensions are basically semi-permanent fibers that are attached to each of your natural eyelashes with a semi-permanent adhesive giving them a more wholesome look. Lash extensions are mainly made from materials like Silk fibers, Faux mink fibers, Synthetic fibers, and Mink fibers

You can select any type of eyelash extension based on your preference. Mink and silk eyelash extension fibers tend to give a more natural look though, the other two types are perfect for the ladies going for a bold look. Eyelash extensions have an edge over the other types of eye makeup such as false lashes and mascara as you don’t need to fix eyelash extensions daily.

Types Of Eyelash Extension Application

Having the basic knowledge about eyelash extensions we should then look at how they are applied. There are three types of eyelash extensions applications, they are:

  • Hybrid lash application
  • Classic lash application
  • Volume lash application

This article is going to compare hybrid and classic lash applications citing their advantages, disadvantages, and their features to allow one to make an informed choice when going for eyelash extensions.

What Is a Hybrid Lash Application?

As the term ‘hybrid’ suggests, the hybrid lash is a fusion of two lashes applications. Hybrid lashes are a combination of volume and classic lash applications. It is the perfect lash application for someone seeking a middle ground between the simple, natural-looking classic lash and the sophisticated volume lash application. Hybrid lashes are perfect for ladies who have an asymmetrical lash line, some sections are thinner than others. They are also suitable for ladies with naturally thin lashes.

Features Of Hybrid Lash Application

Middle-Ground Look

As previously stated, the hybrid lash is the middle ground for both classic and volume lash applications. It is perfect for ladies who want to look natural and bold at the same time. The combination can be designed in a way to suit your preference, that is if you are going for a more natural look then the classic lash will overwhelm the volume lash and vice versa. This is the most distinct feature of the hybrid lash application.


The hybrid lash application provides the same varied texture that the volume lash application is known for but without a bold look. The hybrid application results in soft, beautiful, and long lashes that are often associated with A-list celebrities. This makes the hybrid lash application more appealing for most ladies.


Similar to the other application types, the hybrid lash application involves attaching an eyelash extension to each natural lash. The hybrid lash application usually lasts for about two to two and a half hours. The maintenance sessions last for no longer than an hour. Hybrid lash applications last for four to six weeks the same period as a natural eyelash but experts recommend visiting the salon every two weeks for maintenance.

Advantages Of Hybrid Lash Application

  • Hybrid lashes complement both classic and volume lashes to give the perfect blend of texture and fullness.
  • They give your lashes a natural, defined look.
  • They are long-lasting, hybrid lashes that last for up to 4-6 weeks.
  • Easy to customize as they are a mix of fan and single lashes.

Disadvantages Of Hybrid Lash Application

  • They limit your skincare regimen. Having hybrid lashes prevents the use of mascara.
  • Hybrid lash application sessions usually range from 2-3 hours making them time-consuming.

What Is A Classic Lash Application?

As the term “classic” suggests, the classic lash application produces a  chic, classy and natural look. The classic lash application is applied in a 1:1 ratio, what this essentially means is that a single eyelash extension is applied to a single natural eyelash. 

Classic lash application is the perfect fit for ladies looking to achieve a natural look, classic eyelash extensions simply accentuate our natural eyelashes. They give your natural eyelashes a longer and fuller appearance. Classic lash application is the choice for ladies beginning to use eyelash extensions as they are easier to apply. Classic eyelash extensions give a look similar to applied mascara.

Features Of Classic Lash Application


The classic lash applications last for a period of four to six weeks and achieve the same look as mascara and false lashes which are applied every morning. They are thus the best fit for the majority of the ladies as it lessens the time used to apply make-up.

Natural Look

Classic lash applications are perfect for ladies who want to look beautiful but subtly so. As previously stated the classic lash only emphasizes our natural eyelashes and thus is preferable for ladies with fuller natural lashes. This feature makes the classic lash the most preferred eyelash application.


The classic lash application sessions usually last from one and a half hours to two hours. It is also painless to apply. The classic lash extension application lasts for up to six weeks as they have the same life cycle as natural lashes.

Advantages Of Classic Lash Application

  • The classic lash application produces a more natural look.
  • Versatility. They have varying diameters and varying lengths to allow ladies to achieve different looks.
  • They are long-lasting, they last for up to six weeks.
  • They take a shorter time to apply as compared to volume and hybrid lash applications.
  • They are easy to apply, they’re applied through a simple process of attaching a single extension to a single natural eyelash.

Disadvantages Of Classic Lash Application

  • They are subtle thus they don’t alter ladies’ looks as much as the other two application methods.

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    We have looked at both classic and hybrid lash applications. After seeing their features and their pros and cons in greater detail, we can conclude that both application types achieve the looks that the users desire. Eyelash extensions enhance ladies’ eyelashes making them more beautiful and increasing their confidence and both application methods ultimately result in this.

    Classic lush application is perfect for ladies who desire a natural look. They are also good for beginners as they are easier to apply and maintain. Hybrid lush application is perfect for ladies desiring that perfect mix of boldness and natural look. For more details about the best eyelash extension to use, contact us.

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