10 Proven Tips For Starting a lash
Business From Home

The beauty profession, particularly the lash extension industry, has the advantage of allowing you to work from home. Naturally, for someone with no existing clients, this is a much more cost-effective choice. If you are set on starting a successful eyelash extension business. The first step is always the most difficult, but luckily for you, a fast Google search yields an enormous amount of knowledge at your fingers. You scan the first article before moving on to the next. You should be getting more information by now, but instead, you’re feeling overwhelmed. With any mission, this is a common occurrence.

Lucky for you, we have provided you with step-by-step techniques and accompanying tools to build a profitable lash business, rather than emulating information previously available on the internet. This blog will assist you in the right approach if you want to start a home-based strip lash business.

Create a Professional Salon Environment


As much as you want to provide your services from home, it’s still vital to consider how to create a professional ambiance. Just because you’re running a false lash business from home out of your guest room doesn’t mean it has to appear like one.

This does not imply that you must spend a large amount of money. Second-Hand stores, thrift stores, and other similar establishments are excellent sources for furniture that will transform your bedroom into a true salon, you can as well rent a chair in an existing lash bar.

Make certain that the atmosphere of your lash studio is exactly what the design implies. We want our clients to feel like they’ve found a nice spot to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. While getting their lashes done, our lovely clients enjoy the comfort of our lash bed, which is covered by a lash bed cover, as well as our memory foam lash pillow and soft lash blanket. Paintings and flowers, for example, might help to complete the aesthetic. Consider providing complimentary tea, a glass of wine, or cookies to your customers while they wait.

Invest in High-quality Glue and Lashes


While you may be tempted to skimp as you start your eyelash extension business from home, it’s critical to invest in high-quality glue and lashes. This will not only impair the quality of your job and the final appearance, but it will also put you at risk of a lawsuit if a client has a negative reaction along the route.

Purchase a high-quality set from a reputable brand, such as Starseed Lashes. This way you will be confident that your eyelashes will last through several applications, not simply because they will seem more natural but because they are affordable can perform gracefully.

Prioritize Comfort


Keep in mind that your customer needs a pleasurable and relaxed experience. After all, they’ll be with you for at least an hour, and most of the time considerably more. Not only should the area itself be comfortable, but so should the spa bed/massage table that your clients will be lying on. This is one piece of furniture in which you should make a significant investment when starting your own eyelash business.

To help with comfort, invest in an ergonomic cushioning system. This method relieves pressure on the chest while maintaining a level and relaxing prone position for the upper torso. If you have a lot of female clients who need more breast cushioning, you can upgrade to a table with a unique cutout for the chest area or use orthotics made specifically for this reason. Your clients will appreciate it, and your practice will benefit from your efforts.

Practice on Friends and Family


You will be ready to take on the lash world with a professional lash artist’s training and a fully filled practice eyelash extension kit. You’ll feel more comfortable with your instruments as you practice applying for lash extensions. Your first clients should be friends and family members. Don’t rule them out completely. This is a fantastic method to obtain experience and improve your skills while also increasing your self-assurance.

You will gain confidence in your abilities as you practice and improve your technique. It’s critical to establish yourself as a proficient lash technician in a competitive industry. A self-assured lash artist isn’t hesitant to put herself out there, hand out business cards, rent a studio, or even boost rates. You’re setting yourself up for future success by honing your lash skills.

Effective Marketing


Over time, marketing has grown and evolved. But, no matter how marketing has evolved, the concept has always remained the same: obtain more clients! There are a plethora of successful methods for accomplishing this.

You can use some more recent marketing methods to your advantage. The advantage of promoting your lash business on the internet is the large demographic reach. Everyone has access to the internet, which means your business and information will as well! Here are a few options for getting started:

  • Create a Google My Business account to ensure your listing shows up on Google Maps! This will allow people who search “lashes” to find your business!
  • Try advertising on social media with flyers and demo videos or before and after images! I would highly suggest creating a professional page on each social network and using that as a platform for marketing.

Additional unique lash extension marketing ideas for eyelash manufacturers would be to find ways to volunteer or donate your services. This is a great opportunity for PR( public relations), PR is the process of spreading awareness of an organization or business to the public. The main objective of public relations is to allow potential clientele to have a favorable opinion of your business.

Choose a Reliable Booking System


If you operate a salon, travel as a lash artist, or work from home, you understand it’s difficult to keep track of appointments. Changing from paper diaries to an online service reduces the chance of human error. It’s easy to make mistakes when we have a lot on our minds. Bookings will be easier for you and your clients if you have a system in place that keeps track of everything.

Clients want the booking process to be as simple as possible. As an artist, user-friendliness will earn you a lot of brownie points! Clients will avoid using a system if it is too complicated. That applies to your website as well, everything should be straightforward, clear, and simple to navigate!

Pricing is, without a doubt, something we all consider. We want something that is both efficient and cost-effective. Pricing is usually divided into tiers in booking systems. Varied price packages will offer different capabilities, so think about what each one can achieve for you.

Create a Bank Account or a Paypal Account in Your Company’s Name


The next step is to set up your official bank account once you’ve completed the above steps. Go to your bank and speak with a customer service representative about opening a bank account. In most cases, your business registration number is required to open a bank account in your company’s name.

For your brand, you may also create a PayPal Business name and account. Additionally, direct the earnings to your PayPal account. Setting up PayPal will be vital for your lash business, as a broad audience finds it simple to use.

Create an Official Email Account


After you’ve decided on a brand name, the next step is to create an email address for it. Your hot [email protected] email address is not suitable for business use. If you don’t have a professional website for your lash company yet, come up with a new email concept on Gmail or Hotmail.

Make sure this email address is on your card when you hand it over. Forward the emails to your e-mail address or set aside time each week to check your official mail. It will reflect your brand’s identity while also increasing your brand’s exposure.

Create a Menu


Consider what you can include on your menu for your private label eyelash business. Initial Set, Filling, Removal, and even Gift Cards are all available at a typical lash salon. You can also include other aesthetician services if you are familiar with any of them.

New treatments and filling by lash type, volume, or curl can also be added. The individual, group, and buddy packages are another option to diversify your lash company menu. Other services to include in your repertoire include eyelash perms and eyebrow extensions. You may also add tinting, shape, and replenishing to your lash salon’s offering.

Get a Lash Cart Organizer


For being organized, a lash cart is a must-have. It’s best to have at least three pieces: top, middle, and bottom for placing your eyelash extension tools. Nobody will stop you if you want more compartments; in fact, the more the merrier.

    Start Your Lash Business


    Starting a business, particularly in the lash extension industry, is a thrilling prospect. It’s crucial to remember, though, that growing your clientele takes time and effort. Don’t get discouraged along the journey. Click here to acquire more knowledge on lash extensions.

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