Allergic Reaction to Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that are fixed on the natural lashes to make them appear longer and fuller to add flavor to someone’s beauty. These eyelash extensions are of different types depending on the material used to make them and the style. These lash extensions might cause allergic reactions and even irritation to the user. Keep reading to know more about the allergy and how you can prevent and treat such conditions.

What Is Eyelash Extension Allergy?


An allergy is a condition that occurs when a person reacts to materials in the surrounding that are harmless to most people.  These materials are also referred to as allergens and can be found in different surroundings like dust mites, pets, pollen, insects, ticks, molds, foods, and even in some medications. 

Eyelash extensions allergies are more similar to other contact allergies referred to as contact dermatitis. Normally, the allergy symptoms will start showing off in the next few minutes to a few hours after the application of eyelash extension is done. Sometimes, the allergic reaction to eyelash extensions may occur in one eye or both of the eyes can be affected. 

In case both eyes are affected then one eye can have severe symptoms than the other one. Typical symptoms of the allergy include redness, itchiness, and also swollen eyelids or even the eye itself can swell from the allergy.

Causes Of Eyelash Extension Allergy


Eyelash glue reaction is the main cause of most allergies. This is because during eyelash extension application the lash glue used in fixing the extensions tends to leak onto the eyelids or rather get stuck in the eyes resulting in a reaction. The basic concept involving eyelash extensions is that when fixing them an adhesive is used to stick together the extensions and your natural lashes; this is the point when the glue can find its way into your eyes. 

You might have no idea that recently, almost all eyelash glue contains a formaldehyde substance, which is well known to cause conjunctivitis. conjunctivitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva. Another important factor that you may not have an idea of is that a person may also be allergic to Lead or benzoic acid which are present in most cosmetic products. 

You can easily avoid these allergic reactions by opting to use formaldehyde-free eyelash extensions. You should also avoid washing your face for a few hours after the extension application. The best advice for eyelash extension users is to ask their lash technicians more about the ingredients used in eyelash glue manufacturing. It is also important for lash experts to import and use safe, formaldehyde-free eyelash extensions to ensure their clients are safe under any condition.

What Is Eyelash Extension Irritation?


Most eyelash extensions users can suffer redness around the eye area and an itching feeling in the days and weeks after they are applied in case the expert does not follow the right procedure. These effects come up due to improper care of the eyelash extension after application or inappropriate handling of lashes like pulling them off or rubbing the eyes. 

When adhesive is applied properly, they never touch your skin; this will help prevent irritation. In many situations, the irritation can be a result of dirt, oil, and debris that is assembled in the lashes and extensions. This could even result in infection when not taken care of properly and create an irritation effect.

Eyelash Extension Allergy VS Eyelash Extension Irritation


An allergic reaction to glue used when fixing the eyelash extension is quite rare to most users, but it can still occur. As a lash artist, dealing with a client that experiences eyelash extension reaction can be one of the worst experiences of being in that field. It is so disappointing to inform the client that the only option left is to remove the eyelash extension.

However, as a lash expert, it is essential to know the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions and to be able to distinguish between an eyelash extension allergy and irritation. The ability to distinguish the two will assist you to make the right decision call to ensure the safety of your clients.

Most of the clients will always relate any sort of reaction as an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions and yet they might just be experiencing an irritation. These signs and symptoms between an eyelash extension allergy and an irritation might always turn out to be similar, there are a few key differences between allergic reaction and irritation. Keep reading and learn more.

Allergic Reactions to lash extensions are uncommon and the signs can show up in different ways. The most signs and symptoms in allergic reactions are:

  • Swollen eyelids
  • Cornea redness
  • Itchiness around the eye area

These symptoms will be witnessed within the first 48 hours after eyelash extension application. Eyelash extension reaction that results in irritation will disappear shortly while an allergic reaction keeps worsening over time. The allergic reactions become worse and more dramatic at a high rate the more the client is exposed to substances that cause allergy.

When it comes to eyelash extensions Irritations have similar signs and symptoms to allergies but they are always less harsh and they disappear after the adhesive is cured. This normally occurs within the first 24 hours after eyelash extensions are applied or even just hours after application. Irritations can result in:

  • Redness of the eyes
  • Itching eyes
  • Watery eyes

Irritation is caused by the reaction of the body to the fumes from the adhesive used when fixing the lashes as it cures. These irritations are likely to disappear quickly and become calm as time goes on. Irritations may also be witnessed when the user has seasonal allergies or if their eyes are generally sensitive.

What Do Eyelashes Extension Side Effects Include?


Eyelashes extensions are ideal for women who want their lashes to look lengthy and thick. Your eyes will look bright and attractive when they are fixed using the right procedure with a certified and experienced lash expert. Apart from thriving to look beautiful, you can worsen the situation in the process when you don’t follow the right procedures of application. Here is a list of side effects that you might encounter.

  • The user might have an itching effect.
  • If not properly fixed, it can lead to pain.
  • Eyelash extensions can cause rashes along your lash line.
  • They might result in redness and inflammation of the eye.
  • Swelling of the eyelids may turn to be severe.
  • May may result in the loss of natural eyelashes

How To Prevent Eyelash Extension Side Effects


We all want to look good after spending our money in the salons to get our eyelash extensions fixed. These eyelashes also have side effects as stated above. The easiest way to prevent the risk of infection or eye irritation is to simply make it an occasional beauty treat for your eyelash extensions.

  • Make sure the eyelash expert who is fixing your eyelash extensions is certified for the work.
  • Ask your lash expert to give you more information about the ingredient list on the adhesive being used and confirm if there is any presence of allergens like formaldehyde.
  • Make sure your lash expert is keen on good hygiene, including washing his or her hands thoroughly or sanitizing and putting on gloves.
  • Have your Lashes in a well-aired room and use fun to diffuse any fumes away from the eyes.
  • After application, cleanse your lashes with saline solution.
  • Don’t use a lash pad instead opt for medical tape.
  • Use less glue since it has fewer fumes and faster curing time.

How To Treat Eyelash Extension Side Effects

Cold Compress


A cold compress is a frozen or chilled material, it can be a cool, wet cloth. These chilled washcloths when used in the right manner can help to reduce pain and swelling. There are varieties of cold compresses, some are commercially available and others can be made from home. 

Using a cold compress is more of a Band-Aid than a treatment but it plays a big role to relieve discomfort on the client. You can also pair your cold compress with any of the suggested solutions described below. Read on.

Cortisone Cream


Cortisone Cream is used for medical purposes to treat a good number of skin conditions like insect bites, dermatitis, allergies, rash, and many more. cortisone also performs other medical purposes like reducing the swelling, itching, and redness that may result from these conditions. 

This cream is a modern solution to allergic reactions and can also help in situations involving lash extensions and adhesive. If your client notices any irritation, redness, or discomfort, recommend they use a small amount of cortisone cream to reduce the symptoms. 



Benadryl will not heal allergy to eyelash extension glue after all nothing can cure the allergy but it will help to reduce the sensitivity to chemicals present during and after the lash extension has been applied. After a few minutes, the irritating chemical is no longer available. 

A client might call after fixing their eyelash extension with irritation, redness, or swelling on the eyelid, Benadryl is a quick reliever. It may also help them analyze whether their sensitivity is severe or not. Advice your clients to take a small amount and oversee their signs for 2 days.

Urgent Care


You can only treat mild symptoms at home and sometimes it can force you to drop into urgent care or medical professional to diagnose the situation and resolve whether or not to remove the lash extensions. Urgent care will save you from spending more money in treating complicated issues involving your eyes. Prevention is better than cure.

How To Save Swollen Eyelids After Eyelash Extensions


Your eyelids might end up swelling after you done with your appointment. This can be caused by different factors like expert cleanliness, adhesive reacting to your skin, being lashed with inexperienced experts and even fixing extensions of low quality. It is advised to source your lashes from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. You can save your eyelids from swelling by using a cold compress which will reduce the inflammation and numb pain around your eyelids area.

    Start Your Lash Business


    We all want to look beautiful. Using eyelash extensions has been on the rise and you will meet the majority of women having them on. Always take the simple precautions if you are a lash lover to prevent allergies and irritation. Taking good care of your eyelash extensions will also save you from all complications.

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