Best Lash Extensions For Hooded Eyes

Everyone has a face and eyes that are shaped uniquely. The different eye shapes are critical in defining people’s personalities. Trying to figure out the perfect ways to make up the different eye shapes is not a simple task.

One of the ways that you can widen and brighten your eyes is through the application of eyelash extensions. You have to book an appointment with your lash technician at least 48 hours before the application. This will give them ample time to keenly observe your eyes and rule out their shape and the best lash extensions for them.

 The different eye shapes include the almond, wide-set, round, small, down-slanting, and hooded eyes. This article will focus on hooded eyes and the best lash extensions to fit them.

How To Determine Your Eye Shape


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There are numerous eye charts on the internet and beauty shops used to describe the different shapes of eyes. Most of them will display pictures of the different eye shapes but they don’t show the process of determining those shapes. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do it.

  • Look for a mirror which should be clean and large enough. Place the mirror where you can clearly see yourself, especially the eye area. You can place it on eye level for better vision. Take one step away from it and look forward with your eyes well opened.
  • Look out for any visible crease. Keenly observe the top part of your eyelids and note if there is or there is no crease at all. If you cannot see any crease then you have monolid eyes. If you can spot a crease that covers the whole or major parts of the eyelid, then you have hooded eyes.
  • Try to draw a straight line that is invisible across your eyes. In case you carried out the first two steps and you still cannot figure out your eye shape, then try out this step. Imagine you are drawing a straight line across your eyes, with your pupil in the middle part of your eyes. Observe the outer corners of your eyes to note if they are pulling above or below the imaginary line. If the corners are below the line then you have down-turned eyes. If they are above it, then you have upturned eyes.
  • Find out whether you have almond-shaped or round eyes. If you have carried out step number three and the outer corners still don’t pull above or below the imaginary line, it’s time to observe the white part of your eyes. If the white part is above or below your iris, then you have round eyes. In case you don’t see the whites below or above the iris, then you have almond-shaped eyes.

What Are Hooded Eyes?


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These types of eyes fold over the outer corner of the eyes causing the upper eyelids to look smaller and the lower eyelids to appear as if they are tucked under the base of the eye. A lot of people have hooded eyes including celebrities like Camilla Belle and Emma Stone. As much as many people don’t find them attractive, those having such eyes can still rock them.

Characteristics Of Hooded Eyes

  • They have an extra layer of skin that can be seen drooping over the eyelid crease. This feature makes the eyelids look smaller.
  • Most individuals with hooded eyes have a deep-set crease and a heavy eyebrow bone.
  • The eyes of such individuals appear droopy and down-turned.
  • When the eyes of such individuals are open, their eyelids become invisible. They retract into the eyelid crease making it hard to notice them.

What Do Hooded Eyes Say About You?


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People with hooded eyes are believed to be:

  • Cheerful. They like showing their happy faces even when they are going through stressful moments. They are brave enough not to show when they are hurting inside.
  • Peaceful. Individuals with hooded eyes will always be calm and collected even in situations when you expect them to react with fury.
  • Open-minded. People with hooded eyes are always open to discussions and suggestions. It is easier to open up to them since they are not judgmental.
  • Sympathetic. They are always willing to help others even though they cannot ask for help from other people. They also find it difficult to defend themselves. Most of them end up being given less than they deserve even in workplaces.

Best Lash Extensions For Hooded Eyes

We have learned that hooded eyes have an extra skin layer that sits on the eyelids’ crease. This makes putting on eye makeup a bit hard. For instance, if you apply mascara on them, they will constantly transfer it to your eyebrow bone and if you apply eyeshadow on them, they will definitely not be seen.

You should consider choosing lash extensions that will create the illusion of depth in your eyes for a perfect look. The ideal lash extensions for hooded eyes are those that can extend past the eyelid hood before they begin curling. Such lash extensions will create a noticeable effect on them.

The best lash extension curls for hooded eyes are the M, L, and L+ curls. Any lash extension that has such curls will fit individuals with hooded eyes. Eyelash extensions with those three curls have a straight base which is followed by a beautiful curl from the middle part of their tip. 

The straight base is significant because it provides a better surface for them to sit and blend well with natural eyelashes. This will form a strong bond and the user’s comfortability. Let us look at characteristics of L, L+, and M curls that make them the best choice for individuals with hooded eyes.

M Curl Lash Extensions


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Lash extensions with this kind of curls provide a combination of all the good qualities from the other curls. M Curls have a straight base like the L and L+ curls. The only difference between them and the L curl lashes is that they have a smoother transition from their middle part to the tip. The m curl lash extensions straighten out as you move towards the tip, they don’t have extreme curls like in the case of c curls.

M Curls suit hooded eyes since they can be covered and even droopy and down-turned eyes can be easily lifted. This is a good thing because hooded eyes make eyes appear droopy. The extensions should be placed parallel to each other and in the same direction to avoid a messy look.

L Curl Lash Extensions


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They are one of the most favorite among clients. They will give individuals with hooded eyes a soft lift. The l curls have a flat and straight base that provides a good attachment between the natural eyelashes and the lash extensions. 

This type of lash extension is perfect for individuals with eyelids that are hooded and droopy, they will brighten and open them up. Anyone who has hooded eyes and feels that they need a dramatic look has the L curl option.

L+ Curl Lash Extension


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They are also known as LD curls. They have a base that is flat and straight like in the case of L curls but with an extreme curl like that one of the D curls at the tip. The straight base allows it to attach perfectly to individuals with straight eyelashes. The straight base is also advantageous to individuals with hooded eyes because it makes the lash extensions come out more from the hidden eyelids. That makes them more visible.

Keep away from lash extensions with extreme curls like in the case of the cc and the d curls. The strong curls at the tip of such lash extensions may blend into the eyelids. The result will be the creation of an unnatural look and the client’s discomfort.

Like all the other lash extensions, the lashes discussed above require proper maintenance for better service.

Maintenance Of Lash Extensions

  • Avoid making your lash extensions wet for the first 48 hours. The water will react with the lash adhesive and weaken the bond between the lash extensions and the lash glue. The result will be the breaking and premature falling of your lash extensions. You can swim and shower comfortably after 48 hours.
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach and sides. The lash extensions may be pulled out by your bed sheets or bed covers. Consider using silk pillowcases instead of cotton ones.
  • Refill your lash extensions after every 2-3 weeks for a fresh and perfect look throughout.
  • Clean your lash extensions on a daily basis using lash foam and clean water. This will remove dust particles, traces of makeup, and even oil from the lash extensions. Build up of such materials will exert pressure on the lash extensions and break them. The build-up can also break the bond between the lash glue and lash extensions.
  • Brush through your lash extensions on a daily basis. This will help in detangling any lash extensions that are entangled and in turn prevent them from breaking.
  • Avoid using oil-based products on and around your eye area. They dissolve the lash glue weakening the bond it had with the lash extensions. This will result in premature shedding of lash extensions.
  • Keep away from waterproof eye makeups. They are hard to remove unless you use oil-based cleansers. The oil-based cleansers dissolve the lash glue which is important in holding the lash extensions in position.
  • Avoid excessive rubbing of your eyes. Doing this may lead to the lash extensions falling off prematurely. It may also cause eye swelling and reddening. If the condition gets worse, they may turn into serious infections and you could be forced to remove them.

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    There is no eye shape that can be termed as difficult. All the eye shapes are unique and they need to be made up differently. Always consult a lash technician if you are unsure of your eye shape and enquire about the eyelash extensions that will bring out the best in them.

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