Best Eye Makeup For Upturned Eyes

It can be quite tricky to master the art of enhancing your eye with makeup but once you master it, you can make your eye look gorgeous. Of course, different eye types have different makeup tips and tricks so that you can choose the best eye makeup hack to make your eye look awake and defined. 

But using the right makeup and eyelash extension tools from a reliable eyelash extensions supplier, you can rock an amazing eye look. Check out the following tips and tricks that you can follow to help your upturned eyes look glamorous and defined!

1. Eyeshadow For Upturned Eyes


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So, let’s start with the eyeshadow looks that are perfect for upturned eyes. We will see ways to help highlight your upturned eyes and emphasize the beautiful shape of your eyes.

A. A Natural Look

If you worry a natural look will suit your upturned eye, there is absolutely no reason to worry. An all-natural look with dark shades can help emphasize your beautiful eyes and still give your eyes the drama it needs.

Always remember to apply a makeup primer to your eyes so that the eye makeup that follows is smooth and without any crease. It will also keep your eye makeup vibrant and help it last longer as well. 

Then, continue with a neutral brown, nude, or light shade for the base coat. Evenly apply the shadow over your eyelids. Make sure the eyeshadow you choose is not too dark, preferably a shade or two darker than your skin color so that they also go well with your false eyelash extensions.

Now apply a darker color, a shade or two darker than the base neutral color to help deepen the eyeshadow look. Blend it with the base color and merge your eyeshadow with the base color as you come to the outer corner of your eye.

You can also bring the color to your lower lash line to provide an amazingly bright, yet natural look for your beautifully upturned eyes! You can add a metallic shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes to brighten your eye further. 

This eyeshadow technique can give your eyes the drama it needs, the definition it deserves, and yet the subtlety you want. Going for this bold yet neutral look for your upturned eyes might be just the best decision you can make about a good eye makeup look.

B. A Bold Look

You can go for bright, playful colors along with dramatic false eyelash extensions to help decorate your beautiful upturned eyes. You can go for bold colors that complement your eye color and skin tone to give your eyes a vibrant and beautiful look. 

Apply primer to your eyelids first to help your makeup stay for longer and to avoid creases and fine lines. On top of the primer, apply a neutral eyeshadow to create a smooth base. 

On top of the smooth base, choose a vibrant color like purple or blue to help adorn your eyes. Create your look with these colors as you can even blend these bold colors to create a multi-colored eyeshadow look.

So, pick up the eyeshadow palette to give yourself a vibrant eye look that will help you stand apart from the crowd!

C. A Smudgy Effect

Another amazing way you can color your eyelids to create beautiful eye makeup is to blend in for a beautiful smudgy look!

You can take a dark eyeshadow or even a light one, you choose, and slowly apply it to the upper lash line or the lower lash line, you choose again! Blend the eyeshadow outward to give your eyes a beautiful smudgy and different look! Apply your false eyelash extensions and you are good to go!

Your upturned eyes can be beautifully defined to help you flaunt them. You are blessed with a longer lash line and a more woke eye, so your eyeshadow application should help define these beautiful features to provide an amazing look!

2. Eyelash Types For Upturned Eyes


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Getting a pair of eyelashes can be very tricky and if you choose the right eyelash type for your upturned eye, it can get your eyes the very hype it needs! There are many types of eyelash types you can choose from to help define your eyes.

A. Volume Eyelash Extensions

Give your beautiful upturned eyes the drama it deserves! Apply some volume eyelash extensions to help emphasize your eyelashes especially around the outer corner. 

With the help of quality eyelash extension tools and makeup scissors, you can even cut the eyelashes in half to apply them from the middle of your upper lash line to the outer part of your eye to give more drama towards the outer corner of your eye. 

Always make sure you give the outer corner of your eye the extra drama to help emphasize the natural upturn of your eye.

B. Classic Eyelash Extensions

If you like to keep it subtle without much drama, try some classic eyelash extensions that help define your natural eye as well as keep your eyelash situation natural and subtle. 

You should always make sure that your false eyelash extensions give your eyes more drama towards the outer corner as defining that part of the eyes can give a more awake and bright look to your eyes. 

Always make sure you buy your false eyelash extensions and eyelash extension tools from a reliable false eyelash extension supplier. Some manufacturers also provide free samples of false eyelashes so that you can decide which one complements your eye shape beautifully.

3. Eyeliner For Upturned Eyes


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The eyeliner is an unavoidable part to help complete a bold and beautiful eye makeup look. There are many ways one can use eyeliner, paired with the right false eyelash extensions to help make your upturned eyes look bold, beautiful, and defined.

A. Smokey Eyes

You can use your eyeliner to create a smokey eye look that will help emphasize the natural eye shape of your upturned eye. You can use an eyeliner pencil to help create a smudged smokey look. 

You can use the pencil to line the upper lash line and lower lash line. You can then use a smudging brush that will help you smudge the eyeliner to create a beautiful smokey eye effect. 

For upturned eyes, you can try and create a more smudged effect towards the outer corner of your eyes to help define the natural upturned shape of your eye. 

This look, paired with the right type of false eyelash extensions, can give you a bold and beautiful look that will also help define your naturally beautiful eye and emphasize its beauty! You can try out this look on your own with free lash samples you get from reliable eyelashes extension manufacturers.

B. Winged Eyeliner Look

Using a liquid liner to help create a winged eyeliner is a perfect choice for people with upturned eyes. This eyeliner look can help define your eyes and make them stand out!

Start from the middle of your upper lash line to create and extend it to the outer corner of your eye towards the temples of your head. This will help emphasize the natural length of your eyes and give your eyes the definition it deserves. 

Always start from the middle of your upper lash liner and never the inner corner of your eye as doing this can cause your eye to look smaller. Make sure you keep your wings small to help define the natural shape of your eye. A comfortable pair of fake lashes will add to the beauty of your look.

C. The Lower Lash Line

Your lower lash line is your biggest asset if you have an upturned eye and you can emphasize them with eyeliner to help create the beautiful definition to your eye. Along with your beautiful false eyelash extensions, highlighting your lower lash line gives you the drama they need!

You can use an eyeliner pencil or eyeliner gel to help highlight your waterline and lash line and give it the drama it deserves. 

Highlighting your lower lash line can add emphasis to the length of the lower lash line, giving it the definition your eyes deserve! This technique will also help the lower lash line to match with the upper lash line.

D. Colored Eyeliner

You can also use eyeliner that is colored to further help define your eyes and give it the spotlight it deserves! Paired with the right false eyelash extensions, colored eyeliner can give your eyes the drama it is missing out on! Ensure that the eyelashes you select have positive feedback from users.

Using a colored eyeliner can also help emphasize your eye color. For example, using a green eyeliner can help add emphasis to brown eyes. You can choose from a variety of available colored eyeliners, starting from basic colors to more fun ones like rainbow colors.

4. Lower Lash Makeup For Upturned Eyes


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Adding definition to your lower lash line is as important as taking care of your upper lash line so that you can give your eyes the drama it deserves. You can use the eyeliner pencil to highlight the lower lash line and the waterline to create a defined look for your eyes.

You can also use a brush to smudge out the eyeliner pencil to create a smudged smokey eye effect. Always remember to use the mascara on the lower lash line too. This will help create emphasis on the lower lash line, giving it an equivalency with the upper lash line, providing a sense of symmetry and balance to your eyes, when paired with the right amount of false eyelash extensions

5. Mascara Application For Upturned Eyes


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Enhancing your eye look means enhancing your eyelashes to bring a bold look towards your eye. Applying the right mascara, the right way can help define your eyes perfectly. Never forget to apply mascara to both the upper lash line as well as the lower lash line of your eyes. 

Always apply mascara from the middle of your upper lash line towards the outer corner of your eye. Do the same for your lower lash line too. This can help draw all the drama towards your eyes and give it the definition it deserves. 

If you apply a false eyelash, use the appropriate tools to help attach your false eyelashes and then apply mascara on top to add to the boldness you want to give your eyes. Try to cut your false eyelashes in half and apply them from the middle of your upper lash line and towards the outer corner.

This will ensure that your eyes get the emphasis it deserves and helps you create a bold yet natural look to your beautiful eyes!

6. Inner Corner Eye Makeup For Upturned Eye


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Applying shimmer shade to the inner corner of your eye will help define the length your eyes have and give it the drama it deserves too. It will help balance your eyes and give them an illusion of symmetry. 

Give your eyes a dark shimmer shade towards the inner corner giving it as much emphasis as the outer eye corner to help balance the look of the eye and give it an illusion of symmetry.

7. Emphasize The Eye!


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If you have an upturned eye, your eyes are one of your biggest assets and it can literally have the power to hold people, provided you give it the right drama. And once you master the art of defining your eyes beautifully with the right makeup and false eyelash extensions, there is no looking back. 

Try not to use heavy makeup on the other parts of your face so that nothing steals the spotlight from your fabulous eyes and eye makeup. Try to keep a nude touch or light shade to the rest of your makeup and keep the drama your eyes deserve. 

To add more drama to your eyes, you can even use a gloss that gives your eyes the extra shine. Turn down the urge to use bold lipstick or colorful blushes and keep it light and natural so that you can let your eyes shine!

    Start Your Lash Business


    You can further emphasize your upturned eyes with the hype it deserves by giving the right eye makeup. You can always help emphasize your natural lift or give a beautiful feline shape for your eyes. You can also consult an expert in eye makeup who can help you choose just the right colors and tools to help you stand out from the crowd.

    Always remember to get your eye makeup tools from reputable companies and your false lashes from a reliable false eyelashes manufacturer who can give you only the best and values your satisfaction. 

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