Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips:
Do’s and Don’ts

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

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Women and beauty have always been a hot topic of discussion globally since beauty standards shifted, making it hard for women to keep up. However, in recent years, many have agreed that there is no ideal description of beauty, hence becoming inclusive regardless of complexion, height, size, and, most importantly, race. Even with all these differences, there is one thing that unites all women, makeup.

Makeup comprises many components; primer, foundation, concealer, lipstick & lipgloss, eyeshadows, eyelashes, etc. In this post, we focus on eyelash extensions and how to take care of them after application.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are cosmetic fibers usually semi-permanent connected to your natural lashes to enhance their length and thickness. An individual extension is typically joined by one of your eyelashes to obtain the needed outcome. Usually, the makeup artist uses semi-permanent glue to join them. These products are available to try on from the best eyelash manufacturers.

Things to Consider When Choosing Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid-eyelash Extensions.

Eyelash extensions are suitable for any woman, but you should be cautious about some aspects before committing to them. They are as follows;

  • Size of your eyes: how big or small your eyes will guide the expert in knowing which eyelash extension suits you best. 
  • Eye color: the color of the eye dictates the colour choice of your lash extensions. Some people like color in their makeup and prefer colored extensions; hence, the expert will help you decide which color best accentuates your iris.
  • Eye shape: eyes come in various shapes from almond, protruding, downturned, upturned, to round. These shapes have different approaches when fixing extensions; for instance, you fix the extensions at the outer corners to bring a natural cat-eye effect for round eyes.
  • The eyelids: for hooded eyelids, consider using long extensions at the center of the eye while tapering at the ends. On the other hand, monolid eyelids look better with longer extensions at the corners of the eye.
  • Orientation of the eyes: whether deep-set, close-set, or wide-set, orientation is how the eyes are set on your face. Each orientation has the best style that suits it. For example, close-set eyes need shorter lashes at the inner corners while longer at the outer ones. 
  • Tolerance level: depending on the type of eyelash extension, you need to evaluate the upkeep time and cost and how much you are willing to endure.
  • Allergies: consult with your artist on the material they are using for the extension and glue and assess whether it will cause any sensitivities to your skin.
  • Personal preferences: after recommendations from the expert, it all comes down to what you prefer.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

The significant types of eyelash extensions are mink, synthetic, and silk extensions. They differ in terms of the material used to make them. The types are explained more below.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

15-29mm Faux Mink Eyelash

Mink eyelash extensions are made of fur obtained from an animal known as mink. The preferred mink is usually Siberian and Chinese minks; they are lightweight, fluffy, and resembles your natural eyelashes. Siberian fur is considered premium fur. Although it has many desirable features, some people, especially vegans, may not be comfortable using it because of its source. Due to this reason, synthetically made mink eyelashes known as faux mink extensions are more suitable.

The faux mink lash’s properties are more advanced than the natural mink; they are lighter, shinier, more durable, and they don’t lose their curls when wet. It is especially suitable for those with weak eyelashes.

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Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

Synthetic Eyelashes

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The synthetic lashes are made from polished acrylic material. They are the heaviest and most firm of the extensions. Synthetic eyelashes are also very glossy and offer the dramatic element that some clients might prefer. These extensions suit clients with naturally dense lash and are also popular among younger ladies. With their heaviness, some people would prefer the other types of eyelash extensions. In addition, they are minor natural-looking extensions.

Silk Eyelash Extensions

Silk Extensions

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Although they are called silk lashes, they are not made from natural silk. The silk eyelashes are made from polyester, which is very gentle on your skin, causing no irritations. They are moderate in weight and more durable than synthetic ones. If you want a more natural look, then silk lashes are the best option as compared to synthetic. Their curls are not uniform, contributing to the natural look.

How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

Extension Installation

If you don’t know how to apply eyelash extensions, it is advisable to go to a professional for eyelash extension application as they are conversant with applying for eyelash extensions. The steps involved in extension application are;

  1. Setting the patches: the patches will be set just below your eyes on your lower lashes to keep them away. It is not painful, but for first-timers, the experience may feel a little weird. Setting patches comes immediately after cleaning the eye area. 
  2. Selection of extension: while choosing extensions, you can mix different lengths to produce a full look. Using the same length of the extension will make your lashes look funny. For a more dramatic look, go for the thickest ones. Your technician will first brush your lashes then proceed with the application. The process takes around two to three hours to complete.
  3. Separation: this step is done after glue application. Any lashes that are stuck together are separated using tweezers. You grab the lashes and separate them when the glue has dried up but is not yet fully set. The separation should be horizontal to avoid any damage to the natural lashes.
  4. Drying: once everything has been appropriately set, give the adhesive time to dry; it only takes a few minutes. After drying, the specialist will check for any stuck lashes to separate them.
  5. Removal of the patches: the expert will now remove the patches to complete the process. The specialist will give you instructions on taking care of your lashes and book an appointment for your refill visit.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips:
Do’s and Don’ts

Eyelash Care

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Taking care of your lash extensions might be a bit challenging, especially for beginners. It is better to consult an expert in the lash business to give you insight into how they need to be maintained. For beginners, here are some tips that will help. 

1. Avoid Water on Your Lashes

Face Washing

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The question about water and lashes is common, and many people get confused about what to follow since different sources differ on whether to wet the lashes. Well, today, we set the record straight. Water in your lashes is inevitable since you have to take showers, workouts, and so on. However, it is crucial to avoid any moisture on your new eyelash extensions until 48 hours have elapsed.

Why is this important? The answer is simple; to allow the glue to set in properly. The glue used to apply lash extensions needs to be strong for long-lasting results. Exposing your lashes to moisture before the glue fully sets in breaks the adhesiveness making the extensions fall off prematurely.

2. Daily Cleaning of Lashes

Daily Lash Cleaning

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Although it is recommended to avoid any form of water on your lashes, this is only applicable in the first 48 hours. After the glue has dried up, washing your lashes becomes a daily routine. Daily cleaning ensures that the extensions do not accumulate any dirt/debris and prevent infestations of mites. A simple way to remember how to keep your lashes clean is;

  • Use a cleanser daily: using a mild cleanser to remove oils and dirt help in maintaining lash hygiene. The lashes will also last longer.
  • Avoid oily products: avoid using excess oil around your eyes since they stick on the lashes. Some makeup contains oil in them so before applying any, check whether they are oil-free or not.
  • Daily brushing: brushing helps to maintain the eyelash extensions by making them more durable and clean. It is better to incorporate brushing into your morning routine to ensure you remember. A lash brush is the most suitable for this task. 
  • Reduce eye makeup application: avoid using a lot of eye makeup as this also helps elongate your extensions’ lifespan.

3. Do Not Sleep on Lashes

3D Mask

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Sleeping when having eyelash extensions on is tricky, especially for the toss & turners and those who like sleeping on their stomach. Well, some sacrifices need to be made if you want your extensions to withstand the test of time. Proper sleeping helps curb the risk of premature falling of lashes, shape distortions, and accumulation of contaminants on your eye. Fortunately, there are some tips to help you have a good night rest but still conserve your lashes; they include;

  • Supine position: this position entails sleeping on your back. I know it probably looks hard to maintain this position all through the night, but you get the hang of it with a bit of practice. This position allows your extensions to feel no pressure against pillows, promoting neat-looking lashes with intact curls. Also, it has some health benefits that will help you in the long run; it relieves body pain, especially on the neck, lowers pressure, prevents acid reflux, etc. 
  • Use a silk pillow: if you cannot avoid sleeping on the side however much you try, don’t worry, we got you. Use a silk pillow when side sleeping since it permits your extensions to glide in case of any contact due to its smooth nature. The extensions will also not tangle with loose fibers while sleeping. Moreover, silk inhibits bacteria from entering the eyes and also has anti-aging effects.
  • Sleep masks: experts say using a mask might be a detrimental or valuable tool for your extensions, depending on the type of mask you use. Using a regular sleeping mask may cause more havoc. The best mask to use is the 3D mask that is made specifically for extensions. They have contours and a gap that allows the lashes to be free even when blinking during the night. There is no contact between the mask and the lashes.

4. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes


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Rubbing your eyes is a no. Although rubbing or touching your eyes is a subconscious habit, you will have to train yourself otherwise if you want the lashes on for longer. The friction created from rubbing your eyes causes the extensions to fall out within days of installing them, and you will need a refill more. I don’t need to tell you the implications on your pocket with more refills.

Furthermore, rubbing introduces oils and dust to your eyes breaking the adhesive, and your lashes will fall off. 

5. Lash Refills Every 2-3 Weeks

Lash Refills

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Every hair in your body sheds after they complete their life cycle; it is no different from your lashes. Since they started growing at different times, your natural eyelashes will be shed off daily, just a few strands. Refill is essential to maintain a full-looking eyelash. When applying for extensions, an individual extension is joined to an individual natural lash; hence, it goes with the extension when it is time for the natural lash to shed off.

For this reason, it is advised to go for refills every two weeks or three. If you leave your lashes to fall off for more than this time, you will have sparse areas that become noticeable with time, and when too much has been lost, a refill will not do much because you will need a new set, costing you more money. Refills after two weeks are easy and faster since only a few lashes

6. Makeup and Extensions

Makeup and Extensions

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Eyelash extensions accentuate your appearance even without makeup; however, you can put on makeup if you want to look more glamorous. One thing to keep in mind, though, don’t apply any makeup. For example;

  • It would be best to avoid oil-based makeup: eyelash extensions and oil should not mix since the oil breaks down the glue. Whenever you are using makeup, especially eye makeup, read the label first to guarantee it is oil-free.
  • Avoid waterproof makeup like the plague. Waterproof makeup needs oil removers to wipe them off.
  • Can you put on mascara? Yes, you can apply mascara on your extensions as long as you ensure it is not waterproof for easy removal.
  • Using eyeliner with extensions: the eyelash extensions usually create an outline in your eyes, so the eyeliner is unnecessary, but if you prefer more, it is not contraindicated. Although, make sure the eyeliner product is friendly to your lashes.

7. Avoid Curling Your Extensions

Eyelash Curler

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If you are not satisfied with the curls in your extensions, the best option is to go for another set. Extensions come with already preset curls, and curling them may result in a bend that will persist, making it look crooked. However, you can use a curler on your natural lashes to make them match the curls on the extensions. Doing this precisely not to touch the extensions is best.

8. Additional aftercare Tips

Eyelash Aftercare Tips

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  • Avoid heat on your extensions as it breaks the glue.
  • While washing your face, use a washcloth carefully to avoid the eye area, especially during the first 48 hours.
  • Avoid cotton on your extensions
  • Visit a professional to remove the extensions, do not attempt to remove them at home.
  • Keep the eye area clean
  • Do not cut the extensions since you might cut your natural lashes
  • Avoid excessive makeup
  • Ensure you obtain your eyelash extensions from a trusted eyelash extensions supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cry With Eyelash Extensions?

After the adhesive has cured, you can cry all you want. Preferably, avoid tears when setting up the extensions and during the first 48 hours since the glue has not yet been fully cured. . Also, note that if you feel pain during installation, alert the specialist to stop since it might be an allergic reaction.

Can You Trim Your Extensions?

It is not advisable to trim your extensions because you may end up trimming your natural lashes too. If you feel the extensions are too long, then request shorter ones.

Can You Use Micellar Water to Clean Eyelash Extensions?

Micellar water is safe to use to clean your eyelash extensions. It cleans your eyelash well while keeping the glue intact without needing any rinsing. Additionally, micellar water is suitable for sensitive skin as it contains substances that clear debris without any effect on your eye.

What if Glue Enters the Eyes?

You should not be alarmed as the probability of this happening is slim. During installation, you will be asked to close your eyes, preventing any glue from reaching your eyes. Besides, make sure you choose a qualified person to install the extension on you, as this minimizes the further likelihood of glue entering your eyes. But if it happens, keep your eyes firm without rolling to prevent spreading while your specialist washes your eyes with saline.

Does Lash Extension Damage the Natural Lashes?

Eyelash extensions do not damage natural lashes; they only accentuate them. If the lashes are installed correctly, they pose no danger to your lashes. Learn how to take care of them and avoid rubbing your eyes as this may cause shedding off of your natural eyelashes.

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    Every woman wants to look good and feel confident about their looks. Makeup does not make you beautiful as you already are; it only highlights your features and makes them more noticeable. Eyelash extensions make your eyes pop but to achieve this; you have to learn how to take care of them correctly. Also, it is crucial to choose extensions from a reputable eyelash manufacturer to avoid disappointments along the way. Get in touch with Starseed anytime for any unanswered queries.

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