Eyelash Extension Tweezers

For all false eyelash enthusiasts and beginners, it is important to understand the use of different eyelash extension tools. It is important to understand how to use it and how to take care of it. You also need to learn which false eyelash extension manufacturers to get your products from to acquire only the best quality products that are also affordable. 

The eyelash extension tweezers are one of the most important tools that you will require while applying false eyelash extensions. In fact, it is one important tool that you will require from the beginning of your false eyelashes journey. 

Read on as we explain each and everything about eyelash extension tweezers, how to use them and maintain them and what type of eyelash extension tweezer to use for which eyelash type.

Why Is It Important To Select The Right Eyelash Extension Tweezers?


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It is extremely important that you select the right eyelash extension tweezer for applying your eyelash extensions. Different eyelash extension procedures require different eyelash extension tweezers.

You also need to select an eyelash extension tweezer that poses less risk of allergies and bacterial infections. Some people can be allergic to metal tweezers causing symptoms like itchiness, red rash, or swelling.

You can avoid the risk of bacterial infection by making sure the tweezers are clean and sanitized before using them. This will also ensure no lash glue is remaining on the tweezers. 

It is very necessary to keep a mental note of these things before you select your tweezers so that you can have a hassle-free journey of applying your false eyelash extensions!

How To Hold Eyelash Extension Tweezers?


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The basic information you need to learn regarding the eyelash extension process is how to hold the eyelash extension tweezers. If you understand how to hold the tweezers right, you will be able to apply your false eyelash extensions with ease. 

You must get your eyelash extension tools like tweezers from reliable manufacturers and suppliers so that you do not have to worry about the quality and the flexibility of the tool. You will be able to work with the eyelash extension tools without any hassles. 

Now that you have a quality eyelash extension tweezer in hand, let’s read more about how to hold it correctly and how to apply your eyelash the right way. Just like how it is necessary to hold the pen right to write properly or the spoon right to eat properly, it is important to hold the tweezers right to get the application of the false eyelash extensions right.

If you prefer to hold your eyelash extension tweezers another way, you are welcome to. However, if you work for hours using an eyelash extension tweezer, your hands might hurt and you can feel uncomfortable. 

So one of the easiest and the most comfortable ways to hold an eyelash tweezer is with your three fingers: the index finger, the middle finger, and the thumb. You can use your prominent hand to hold the tweezer as this will avoid shivering or discomfort.

You need to place your index finger and middle finger on one side of the tweezer and place the thumb on the other side of the tweezer. This will help you hold the false lashes comfortably. You can use your fourth ring finger to support the movement of the other three fingers and also provide stability. 

You can use your middle finger to apply pressure on the tweezer to move it and do the work. The other two fingers can stay rested as they provide support and stability. The middle finger can apply enough pressure to move the tweezers and hold and drop your eyelashes accordingly. 

You should also remember not to hold your tweezers in the higher part of the tweezer or the lower part of the tweezer. Holding your tweezers in the upper part will not give your hands the grip it needs and holding your tweezers in the lower part will end up causing you to apply too much pressure for the tweezer to move. 

Always make sure you hold your tweezers in such a way that your fingers do not come in the way and you are not able to see where the eyelash extension is going. Be very careful where you take your eyelash extension tweezers because if they come too close to the eye, they can end up hurting your eye. Keep the same caution while you use eyelash extension curlers also. 

Always make sure you practice the right way to hold your eyelash extension tweezer so that you do not hurt yourself or apply the eyelashes the wrong way. You must also get your eyelash extension tweezer from a reputed false eyelash extensions and false eyelash extension tools manufacturer so that you can work your tools comfortably. 

The technique of holding an eyelash tweezer might seem hard in the beginning but with the right amount of practice and training and with the best eyelash extension tools, from the right false eyelash extension supplier,  you will be working effortlessly with an eyelash tweezer in no time at all.

How To Clean Eyelash Extension Tweezers?


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Now that you have your favorite pair of tweezers and you learned how to use them, it is important to learn how to clean them and maintain them. Because let’s be honest, it is not very affordable to get them every now and then. 

You need to keep a mental note of how to clean your eyelash extension tweezers so that you can maintain them for a long time. So here are a few steps to clean your eyelash extension tweezers after applying your false eyelash extensions and maintain them.

1. Remove The Adhesive


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The first thing you need to do is to clean off the adhesive, that is the false eyelash extension glue that might be stuck to the tweezers. You can either wipe it off while it is still liquid or pop it off after it is cured. You can pop the adhesive off your tweezers that has cured with your nails. 

However, make sure your nails and hands are clean while cleaning the tweezers so that you don’t get any dirt on them. Dirt on the tweezers can end up infecting your eyes. 

However, it is recommended to wipe away the lash glue as soon as it gets on the tweezers because once the lash glue dries and gets into the corners of the tweezers, it can get difficult to clean the tweezers. 

Wash the tweezers of the adhesive glue as soon as possible so that you can reduce the risk of any lash glue getting into your eye. Also, if you notice too much lash glue getting on your tweezers, chances are you are using too much lash glue to apply your own custom-made false eyelash extensions!

Always remember that a little eyelash extension glue is more than enough to help apply your eyelash extensions. So, just use a small amount of the lash glue and it will also reduce the chances of eyelash glue getting on your false eyelash extension tweezers. 

2. Sanitize Your Tweezers


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Always make sure you sanitize your tweezers so that you pose no risk of infection to your eye. You can use any disinfectant to help clean your tweezers. However, make sure you use a disinfectant that does not hurt the material of your tweezers.

Always pat your tweezers dry before you use them or before you store them to reduce the risk of the material degrading. Following this process can ensure your tweezers are clean and dry for your next use or storage.

3. Store Your Eyelash Extension Tweezers Properly


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Make sure you store your tweezers in a completely dry and sanitized place after using them to apply your false eyelash extensions. If you store them in places that are not clean, chances are your tweezers will also pick up the dirt, thus posing a risk of infection to your eyes.

It is recommended to store your tweezers in a tweezer case of good quality so that your tweezers will remain clean and dry. Keeping the tweezer in such a safe place also ensures you do no break or cause damage to your tweezer. 

If you follow these tips, you can keep your tweezers in the best condition for a long time and use them without fear of infecting your eyes. This will also ensure you do not damage your tweezers by bending them or worse, lose your tweezers.

The tip of the eyelash extension tweezers is extremely fine and it can bend very easily. Always make sure you store your eyelash extension tweezers in a safe place where there is no pressure to the tip of the eyelash tweezer. 

Always ensure that you get your tweezers from a quality false eyelash extension tools manufacturer so that you will have a product that lasts long and helps you attach your false eyelash extensions without any hassle.

What Are The Best Tweezers For Eyelash Extensions?


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One of the biggest dilemmas any beginner using the eyelash extension tweezers will have is to use which type of eyelash extension tweezer for which eyelash type. There are many types of eyelash extension tweezers perfect for eyelash extensions, depending on the ends of the tweezer. 

1. Straight Type Tweezers


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The straight type tweezers, including I, A, and X type tweezers have straight and fine tips that can be used to apply classic eyelash extensions. It is mainly used for classic techniques that help the user take individual eyelashes from the kit and apply it to each natural eyelash of the wearer. 

For the classic eyelash extension technique, it is recommended to use tweezers with thin long ends so that you can easily pick up the individual lashes and apply them to your natural eyelashes.

2. Isolation Tweezers


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The isolation tweezer, also known as the F shape tweezer is ideal for isolation of the eyelash extensions and it is also used to apply the classic eyelash extensions. 

The F shape tweezers have a straight shape with a very slight curve on the underside that makes it easier for the technician or the wearer to navigate through the eyelash extensions and apply them to your natural lashes.

3. Curved Tweezers


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The Curved Tweezers, also called the S shape eyelash extension tweezers are perfect when you want to perform a volume lash extension. The tweezer shape helps you to pick up multiple fans of eyelash extensions at the same time and apply them to your natural eyelashes.

The S-shaped eyelash extension tweezers can also help you to make a lash fan as it helps you to easily carry multiple eyelashes at the same time without any difficulty. False eyelash technicians also use these curve tweezers to perform eyelash extensions on clients with a prominent forehead or deep-set eyes.

4. L-shaped Eyelash Extension Tweezers


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The L-shaped eyelash extension tweezers are perfect when you want to make handmade volume fans and then apply them to your natural eyelashes. The shape on the tip of this tweezer helps you to perform this task with ease as you navigate through the lashes to create the perfect volume eyelash extension fans and apply them to your natural eyelashes.

5. Round Shaped Eyelash Extension Tweezers


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There are round-shaped eyelash tweezers too that have safe round tips without sharp edges. These eyelash extension tweezers can be used to remove taps or cotton pads that could have been stuck around the eye for the eyelash extension application process. 

Since the tip of the round-shaped eyelash extension tweezer is not very sharp, it reduces the chances of hurting the eye or the skin of the user. So, it is perfect for removing eye pads or tapes from the face or the area surrounding the eyes.

The types of eyelash extension tweezers will also vary according to the material used. You can find stainless steel eyelash tweezer or titanium eyelash tweezer. The titanium tweezer does not rust easily and is also lightweight compared to the stainless steel eyelash tweezer. The chances of an allergic reaction are also less while using a titanium eyelash extension tweezer to apply your fake eyelash extensions

You can also find magnetic and non-magnetic eyelash extension tweezers in the market for use. The non-magnetic eyelash extension tweezers would be more preferable as magnetic eyelash extension tweezers can cause complications while going through the eyelash extension procedure.

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    These are the many types of tweezers you can find in the market. Always select your tweezer according to the eyelash extension process that you need to go through. And always remember to get your eyelash extension tweezers from a reliable false eyelash extension tools manufacturer

    So go ahead, get your pair of tweezers and apply those magnificent lashes to your beautiful eyes!

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