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Starseed has gained a great reputation as one of the leading eyelash manufacturers
in China and around the world. We supply faux mink lashes wholesale and offer the
best quality products to all our customers.

Your Perfect Faux Lashes Supplier

Faux lashes are made from plastic fibers and are designed to mimic real lashes when used. However, these lashes come with more weight and also a thicker band compared to other choices. We have perfected our faux lashes to feature great qualities that make them a great investment to consider. At Starseed, we also offer great prices designed to cater to both established and startup businesses. This has over the years allows us to maintain a good status as one of the best faux mink lash vendors. In addition, we offer fast delivery and quality after-sale services to give you the best experience.

Why Order Perfect Faux Lashes from Starseed


Faux lashes come with different curl options to enhance the effects they have on a look when used. We offer different curl options from J curl to M curl with in-depth details featured on our curl chart.


Our diameters range from 0.03mm to 0.30mm depending on what you want to invest in. The different sizes featured are designed to feature different aspects that you should keep in mind.


We offer eyelashes that come in 15mm to 30mm to cater to the needs of different individuals. These lengths differ given the fact that they offer different effects with some being more pronounced than others.


Our faux lashes are manufactured using premium materials to ensure that they provide the best quality. This in turn increased the lifespan and durability of the lashes significantly.

We Bring Full Perfect Faux Lashes
Business Options

Private Label Perfect Faux Lashes

Our private label faux lash services are designed to offer already manufactured lashes and packaging products to our customers. This option is highly embraced by companies looking to introduce their brand of lashes into the market. Our private label option gives you great flexibility and allows you to enjoy free lash samples. These samples come in handy to help you gauge the quality of lashes and packages we offer. We also feature a low MOQ of up to 50pcs making the price perfect. Reach out to us and let us help you launch your new branded lashes.

Custom Perfect Faux Lashes

We offer custom-perfect faux lashes to customers looking to bring unique designs to the market. These custom options are featured on both eyelashes and eyelash packages to give you the freedom to create what works for you. Working with this option allows you to implement the ideas you have in mind and see how they are received. You also get to enjoy the best products at amazing prices. Invest in our custom options and scale your operations by being unique.

Order Perfect Faux Lashes in Bulk

Our perfect faux lashes are also offered in bulk orders to cater to salons, lash wholesalers, and suppliers among others. We do this to ensure that we offer you great prices when it comes time to replenish your stock. We feature a wholesale program designed to cater to bulk orders and ensure that you get everything you ask for. If you are ready to invest in a bulk order to scale your business operations, reach out and we’ll get you sorted.

Faux Mink Eyelashes #1 Supplier!

At Starseed, our mission is in manufacturing and providing the beauty industry with the highest quality faux mink eyelashes. Indeed, we manufacture and supply faux mink lashes in many lengths and styles to many top brands globally.

Contact us for a copy of our catalog to view our styles or simply scroll down the page below. When it comes to a faux mink eyelashes manufacturer, Starseed is where you need to be.

A Guide from the Pro – Faux Mink Eyelashes

We understand that finding the lashes styles that you wish may be difficult and, as such, we offer to meet our clients’ manufacturing needs whether they choose a design and style from our webpage below, from our catalog, or whether we create a unique design for them.

One thing is for sure, in choosing to work with a faux mink lashes manufacturer, you need to ensure that you are selecting a company that produces lashes to the highest of qualities.

The beauty market is somewhat saturated with poor-quality brands. So, ensuring you work with a quality manufacturer is essential.

What are Faux Mink Eyelashes?

Faux mink eyelashes are false eyelashes that are made from synthetic fibers that are designed to imitate the look of real mink fur.

Indeed, there are so many quality false mink lashes out there that it is becoming impossible to tell the difference between real mink and faux mink. Our faux mink lashes are natural looking and lightweight and come with the added benefit of being cruelty-free.

Are Faux Mink Lashes Better Than Silk?

Faux mink lashes are an ideal choice if you want something that is a little bolder and a little glossier.

They are the mainstay of lash artists these days. They are man-made and are made from many fibers of varying diameters, lengths, and curls. They have a great flexibility and still help you maintain a natural look should you desire. They are designed to imitate real mink fur but have the bonus that the curl stays put, and they are low maintenance.

Silk lashes tend to be more flexible and finer than synthetic mink lashes but are also lightweight. They do hold their curl, but the curls tend to be a little less uniform. Silk lashes are slightly thicker than other lash types. They do, however, tend to be less comfortable than faux mink lashes.

3 Tips for Best Faux Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Finding the highest quality in mink lashes is essential. You must choose a manufacturer carefully if you want your brand to be a success.

 1. Ask for A Catalog

When you are looking at working with an eyelashes manufacturer, request a copy of the company’s catalog. Observe the styles of eyelashes, their choices of packaging, the manufacturing processes, as well as company’s introduction. Look at any photos too.

2. Find a brand that uses the manufacturer and ask for a review

Finding another brand that has worked with your chosen manufacturer is a good idea. What does the brand think of the manufacturer? Are they happy with the manufacturing and processes? Through this, you can have a fellow brand’s review of the lash quality.

3. See the factory via video

Manufacturers should be open and honest with potential clients. If possible, request a live tour of their manufacturing facilities. In this way, you can see where your eyelashes will be made. In this way, you will be able to build trust in your faux mink eyelashes manufacturer.

Faux Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer
Faux Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer