How to Shower With Eyelash Extensions

How to Shower With Eyelash Extensions

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Woman Showering With Extensions


Makeup has been a girl’s companion for ages as it spotlights their beauty, making them feel confident and beautiful. Over the years, many ideas have been introduced in the beauty world to improve makeup products to suit even more women. The eyes are an area of interest for beauty, and eyelash extensions suppliers have been making improvements on their products. The lash business has also got a lot of attention so it is very crucial for girls to identify the eyelashes quality.

Makeup artists show their prowess by making eyes pop for an even greater look using eyelash extensions making their vision possible, as they make your eyes stand out with or without other makeup. However, you need to be cautious when showering with extension to prevent damage. In this post, we look at how to shower with your eyelash extensions. Read on.

Quick Tips on showering With
Eyelash Extensions

well-Kept Eyelash Extensions


Maintaining hygiene is one way of ensuring the longevity of your lashes as it removes all the trapped debris from your eyelashes. Some people crave to have eyelash extensions but are afraid since there are so many misconceptions surrounding them. We are here to state the facts about showering with lashes, and yes it is possible to live your life as usual with only a few adjustments. Let us delve in.

Avoid Water Immediately After Installation

Avoid Water on Lashes


Your stylist will advise you to avoid wetting the lashes in the first 48 hours or at least twenty-four hours after eyelash extensions installation depending on the type of adhesive used. It is essential to do this as it gives time for the adhesive to bond your natural lashes to the extensions completely. Introducing moisture during this period may interfere with the bonding causing your extensions to fall off. While taking a bath/shower, you can wash your face carefully, avoiding the eyes, or use a wet face towel to wipe your face.

To make this phase easier, avoid makeup altogether until the glue has cured.  Makeup requires removers and more water to wipe it off, meaning your lashes will be at more risk of damages. After the adhesive has thoroughly dried up, you are allowed to shower, cry, or even go swimming with your friends with no worries at all.

Keep Away From Vigorous Showerheads

Shower With High Pressure Jets


After running up and down the whole day to meet your deadlines, you become exhausted, and the first thing you do when reaching home is to hit the shower. You would probably want a high-pressure shower to run through your face and body so you can feel relaxed. As good as this sounds, you will have to adjust to a slower shower jet when having extensions. If the water pressure is too high, it damages the extensions by detaching them from your natural lashes.

Also, ensure that the water does not hit your face directly by tilting your head downwards. Direct contact from the shower water may compromise the integrity of the adhesive. Besides, choose an eyelash manufacturer with high-quality extensions that come with stronger glue.

Use Goggles

Use Swimming Goggles


Swimming goggles can be a tool to be used while in the shower, especially if you cannot do without high-pressure shower jets. The goggles will protect the eyelash extensions from direct water from the shower while still enjoying your warm shower after a tiring day. You have to make sure the goggles are of the appropriate size to give the lashes room rather than press them against your eyes, causing injury. 

However, since the goggles prevent water from your lashes, do not forget to clean your eyelashes after showering. It is crucial to clean your extensions regularly to prolong their life span and prevent infections.

Prevent Other Products on the Extensions

Avoid Other Products on Lashes


Nowadays, there are many products to use to promote skin, hair, and general health. Although they have lots of benefits on our bodies, they might be harmful to the lashes. These products may contain substances that are dangerous to the glue keeping your extensions intact. While showering, ensure that they don’t get in contact with your eyelash extensions as they may cause them to fall off. To prevent this, tilt back your head to wash your hair to avoid water from running down your face.

Avoid Hot Showers

Hot Steamy Shower


Who doesn’t appreciate a hot steamy shower after that long day? Well, if you want to maintain your lashes for long, you will have to forfeit this luxury. Hot showers pose a danger to your eyelash extensions since the heat weakens the adhesive bond, making the extension shed off prematurely. Only use lukewarm water when showering, and sometimes a cool shower may also be advisable. Additionally, avoid saunas and steam rooms because constant exposure to heat weakens the glue bond.

Handle Your Lashes With Care

Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are fragile hence should be handled with the utmost care. When showering, always remember to avoid rubbing the eyes as this will break the bond between the natural lashes and the extensions. It is best to wash your face before/after the shower so you can handle them gently. We tend to subconsciously touch our face and eyes, so the best way to avoid this is to train ourselves to stop and adopt that as the new habit.

Use Eyeshields

Shower Shield


It is a simple, brilliant idea to prevent water from reaching your lashes. Shower eyeshields allow you to continue using your normal hair and skin products while showering without worrying about damaging your extensions. To stick them on your forehead, you simply remove the coat on the adhesive and press it above your eyes. Its adhesive is tested and proven to have no effects on the skin.

Drying After Shower

Dry Eyelash After Cleaning


The recommended drying method is letting your lashes dry naturally; however, you can always use a towel by tapping on the eyes gently for a few seconds to dry them off. When doing this, make sure you are careful as putting in too much force may become detrimental. Furthermore, you can use a hairdryer if you are in a hurry. Do not use it often since the heat will lead to premature shedding off of lashes. A tip when using a dryer, place it at an arm’s length with the lowest temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you accidentally splash water on
extensions within 48 hours?

When you wet your eyelash before the glue dries up, let the eyelash dry. However, you might lose a few lashes.

Can you use cotton on eyelash extensions?

Cotton is not suitable to use on lashes as it leaves residue that will cause irritations and other avoidable problems.

Is it okay to apply mascara on extensions?

Eyelash extensions do not need mascara as they are made to accentuate the eyes without additional makeup. Although it is not recommended, if you really want to use mascara, then opt for non waterproof mascara.

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    Eyelash extensions last between 6 – 8 weeks regardless of the type of eyelash extension used. This period varies since we have different eyelash growth cycles and also, quality contributes to longevity. Apart from this, several other factors determine if they will be damaged faster or last longer. How you handle your lashes when showering is one of these factors. If you follow the tips above, I guarantee you that you will have the best experience with your lashes.
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