How to Start My Own Eyelash
Extension Brand

The worldwide cosmetics industry is growing due to an increase in demand for skincare products, demand for natural components in cosmetics, and changes in packaging styles and marketing techniques. In 2019, the eyelash extension products sector had among the highest market share, accounting for over two-fifths of the worldwide cosmetics market, and this trend is expected to continue throughout the forecast period. This is attributable to development in beauty awareness and availability in technically advanced, complicated, and diversified categories.

With this kind of statistics, one of the finest ways to make a good living, exercise your creative muscles, and be your own boss is to become an eyelash manufacturer. You’re considering a career in an interesting, fulfilling, yet fiercely competitive field. Even better, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to get there. We will take a look at the most essential things to consider when starting an eyelash extension business.

Conduct Extensive Research


Research is the first step in starting your own lash business. You should have a good understanding of who you will be serving. To do so, take time and observe the target population, bustling throng in the location where you wish to set up shop.

Keep track of the market group’s age, gender, nature, and style. You can also go online and look up statistics about the local population in your area. If you observe areas where no one has sought to be a lash artist, this is your clue to go for it. As an eyelash extension supplier, attempt to create an ideal customer persona so you always know who you’re trying to help.

Secondly, take time and research your state’s legal requirements for setting up a cosmetic business, each state and country has its own set of requirements. To perform eyelash extension services in several areas, you must have a cosmetology or esthetician license. Some of them don’t. Some will provide you a license based on the number of years you’ve been practicing. There is no hard and fast rule; it all depends on where you reside.

Set Financial Goals


Take a good, long look at those figures. Your launch expenditures could be in the thousands of dollars. Consider, if you have the money to launch this business? Where can you obtain it if you don’t have it? Is it possible to borrow money from family or get a loan? You’ll also need to examine your profit when deciding whether or not to invest the beginning funds.

To assess if you’ll make a profit each month, do some simple math: expected income minus projected recurring monthly costs. What is the profit margin? Does that profit appear to be sufficient to support your classic eyelash extension business venture?

At this point take into consideration the expected rent charges. The renting fees for starting a home-based salon can be very modest. You must, however, begin investing in premade lash fans bulk stock and furnishing your place. You can make it a palace or just comfy enough for the customer to stay for two hours at a time. We recommend starting with a small budget in order to avoid spending a fortune. And you have enough money to get through the first three months, which are the most challenging if you have no prior expertise with what you’re doing.



When it comes to launching your own lash business, naming your brand is very crucial. You must first define the brand you wish to launch. Choose a name that corresponds to your ideal customer. When naming your company, make an effort to impress your target market.

After you’ve decided on a name for your private label eyelash enterprise, you will need to outline its purposes, goals, and visions. Consider the factors that distinguish you from your competition. The following step is to register your brand. Make contact with your local government and have the brand registered. Every state is distinct so that they can advise you of the conditions you must meet.

Outshine Your Competitors


It’s no secret that the eyelash extension industry is booming and growing every day. As more people choose to enhance their eyes with flat lashes, it was only a matter of time until lash bars, salons, shops, and boutiques began to spring up in various major marketplaces. 

You need to know what your competitors are offering if you want to tap into the lash demographic. Pretend to be a client and go to your competitor’s bar to see what kind of experience they have to offer as well as the rates. Alternatively, you can google online about existing eyelash businesses. The competitor menu is a great location to obtain inspiration for your own creations. It will motivate you and give you more confidence as a lash artist.

You are a unique individual, and your lash company should reflect that. Bring new perspectives to your typical lash services. If you have a license to provide more services, include them in your entire set. Before you start giving hand and arm massages, you don’t need a license. Adding only 10 minutes to your day can have a significant influence on your client retention rates. Get creative and incorporate a unique routine into your hybrid lash extension installation service.

Perfect Your Skills


It makes sense to start an eyelash extension business. It’s now time to polish your lashing skills. Have you got a group of folks you can practice on before you start signing up for training? If you don’t have any, consider finding one or two for that purpose. Learning how to apply eyelash extensions is similar to learning a new language in that you must continue to practice. You will forget the techniques if you wait too long.

Alternatively instead of enrolling in a training course look for someone whose work you admire and study them. Each eyelash extension artist has their own distinct approach. Some people perform straight line sets while others specialize in volume lash extensions. Each teaching method has advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to choose a course and instructor that fit your requirements and timetable.

Find an Effective Adhesive


Although some kits include adhesive, you’ll need a nice eyelash glue in your cosmetic toolbox to obtain the best, strongest hold. These adhesives are typically available in two colors: clear and black. If you’re performing a makeup look with colored eyeliner, clear lash glue is ideal because it won’t muddle up your lash line and darken the effect. Black eyelash glue, on the other hand, is ideal for creating a smoky eye or if you frequently apply black liner, as it fills in any gaps and creates the illusion of mega volume lashes.

Strength is the most crucial factor in determining how the eyelash extension will appear on your client and how long the lashes will last. Though you may be drawn to the more powerful formulae, it is advisable that beginners start with something a little gentler and work their way up to the more powerful, longer-lasting alternatives used by pros.

    Start Your Lash Business


    If this is your first time launching a cosmetic business, don’t be worried. Isn’t that what you wanted? There is no better moment than now. Please contact our customer care by leaving a comment below. We’ll assist you in getting started with your dream lash extension business.

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