How To Take Eyelash Extensions Off

Eyelash extensions are generally temporary lashes that are glued using hands on top of your natural lashes. They can entirely remodel your beauty routine, giving you a desirable, effortless glam that lasts for weeks without the need to retouch daily. A month later, your lashes may not look as gleaming as they did when you stepped out of the salon. When your eyelash extensions start falling off, you will end up with a few stubborn lashes.

Putting on the same eyelash for a longer time might be boring and you would opt to go for a different one to change your general look. you might as well decide to get rid of them completely to maintain your natural lashes, all in all, you will have to remove them. 

Finding time to book an appointment with an eyelash professional to help you remove your lashes might be another headache. Today I will discuss with you removal tips from top lash experts if you’re ready to bid goodbye to your temporary lashes.

1.Use An Oil-Based Makeup Cleanser

When you think of removing your eyelash extensions it is time to do what your lash expert cautioned you not to do like using an oil-based makeup cleanser. After getting a fresh set of lashes most experts will tell you not to use an oil-based makeup cleanser as this can compromise the purity of the lash glue and cause your extensions to fall out sooner. 

First, try to consolidate an oil in your double-cleanse to help make any leftover lashes lose. In the process of cleansing your face, move the oil gently in circular motions to start dissolving the lash glue. This process is done continuously every night to make all lashes lose. It is not just a one-night process.

2.Take A Hot Shower

Even when taking a shower, remember not to pick, pluck, rub, or pull at your lash extensions. Contrarily, you may risk damaging your natural lashes, as well as your eyes. Also, touching your lashes can spread bacteria to your lash line and the area around your eyes. When trying to facilitate the process of falling out, try taking a hot shower. 

Am sure your lash expert at some point advised you not to get your lashes wet and to avoid steam in order to make your lashes durable. Do the opposite and get your lashes to lose and soon they will all fallout. 

3.Use Mascara

Instead of pulling your eyelash extension which might lead to other serious complications, you can try to cover the remaining lashes with lengthening mascara and also eyeliners. Using a good black liner on your upper eyelid will conceal those “stubborn” lashes left. Using mascara daily can also help to weaken the adhesive keeping the extensions attached to your natural lashes. You will not need a professional lash remover if you constantly use mascara.

4.Using Castor Oil

Are you fed up with your eyelash extensions and do you want to get them removed? Castor oil is recommended as an overnight treatment to dissolve the bonds as you sleep. Mineral oil, vegetable oil, or coconut oil can also be used to weaken extension adhesives.

Make sure you remove your makeup first then coat a cotton swab in castor oil and brush it on your lashes before going to bed. Rub the swab on your lash line where the extensions are fixed, taking a lot of caution to avoid the oil getting into your eyes. If the oil gets in contact with your eye make sure you wash immediately with clean water. 


During this process of taking off your eyelashes, you should take note of a few things. Read on

Don’t Pull Your Lashes

You might have tried the above-discussed tips but still have remaining stubborn lashes. Don’t get tempted to try using a tweezer. A tweezer is a tool that is held using your index finger and thumb then you hold and press the tweezer to have a firm grip they pull off. 

Avoid using tweezers without the help of a professional lash remover since you could end up leaving your natural lashes damaged. I can relate to the feeling of picking your natural lashes from being damaged by a tweezer. This may as well result in bald spots along your lash line and extreme follicle damage.

Be Cautious With Your Natural Lashes

Now that you are done removing your eyelash extensions, it is now time to be so gentle to your natural lashes especially during application and removal of makeup. Avoid putting more pressure on your eye area and try not to rub your face vigorously. 

You can use a clean cloth to rub your eyes when removing your makeup to avoid directly contaminating your eyes which might lead to infection or wash them off gently using clean water. Alternatively, cultivate and strengthen the hair with an eyelash serum if you want your natural lashes to look longer and healthier.

    Start Your Lash Business


    It is always advised to get a professional eyelash remover when you want to get rid of your eyelash extensions. Getting time for an appointment might be a headache. You can try out the above-discussed ways to help you take your lashes off. In the process take note of the few precautions in place to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

    Fixing the best quality eyelashes also plays a big role when trying to remove them. Lash extensions from Starseed are highly recommended since they have very minimal side effects. Their quality is also top-notch. At Starseed, all your needs will be sorted out. Contact us.

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