How to Treat Bloodshot Eyes
After Eyelash Extension

Red Eyes


They say nothing is free in this world, which could not be more true for beauty products. As much as they are valuable in women’s life in enhancing their beauty and making them breathtaking, they come with various side effects. Some cause acne, pigmentation, etc., while eyelash extensions cause bloodshot eyes. Although it is generally not very common, care needs to be taken while applying lashes.

Moreover, it is wise to get your lashes from known eyelash manufacturers as their products are above standard.

What is a Bloodshot Eye?

Bloodshot Eye


A bloodshot eye or red eye is a condition where the sclera (white part of the eye) becomes red. It is caused by the dilation or swelling of the sclera blood vessels hence the red color. This dilation is initiated as a response to an irritant introduced to the eyes. An adhesive material is used to stick the extension to the natural lashes; this glue sometimes contains chemicals that may harm the eyes.

For eyelashes extension manufacturers, they should ensure that their lash business is up to standard and produces body-friendly products.

Causes of Bloodshot Eyes in Extensions

Causes of Red Eye


Bloodshot eyes during eyelash extension installation is not a new thing, but it is a rare occurrence. Any procedure has its errors, and the application of eyelash extensions is no different. Some factors lead to the formation of red eyes in association with eyelash extensions. They are as follows.

  • Allergic reaction: An allergy is the body’s way of reacting to irritants. These irritants come from the glue used in eyelash application and some from the extension itself. The signs that indicate it is an allergic reaction are; eyelids swelling, itchiness, tearing, and of course bloodshot eyes.
  • Chemical burn: it refers to the contamination of the eyes with the adhesive used to stick the extensions. Accidents can occur during installation, and the glue may enter the eyes, causing a reaction. Also, the client can open their eyes at the wrong time, directing the glue fumes to the eyes. 

Wrong use of tweezers: tweezers are among other eyelash extension tools, and any artist needs to know their proper handling. A certain pressure is applied while using tweezers, and when you exceed this pressure, it pushes the lower eyelid opening the eyes. In addition, it exposes the eyes to adhesive fumes, which cause red eyes. As an artist, you should know how to apply eyelash extensions well to avoid errors.

Side Effects of Eyelash Extension


Every woman wants to look beautiful; hence makeup comes in handy as it enhances their features. However, while many ladies have good experiences with makeup and extensions, some are not as lucky. There are different types of eyelash extensions, and depending on how you handle them, they can all cause adverse reactions on the eyes. Examples are; bloodshot, rashes, inflammation, burning sensation, pain, and itchiness. 

The cause of these effects is usually the ingredients contained in the glue and the removers of eyelash extensions. They include;

  • Cyanoacrylates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Latex
  • Benzoic acid
  • Cellulose gum
  • Geraniol
  • Propylene glycol

It is vital to be vigilant when purchasing extensions, make sure it is from a trusted eyelash extension supplier to avoid these problems.

How to Treat Bloodshot Eyes
After Eyelash Extensions

How to Treat Red Eyes


When you go to the salon excited for extensions installation because you want to look fabulous for that dinner date or a school reunion, unfortunately, you start feeling some discomfort in your eyes. You decide to check what it is and realize it is bloodshot eyes; you become very disappointed. The first thought crossing your mind will be what you can do to fix this. As much as it looks scary, there are ways of treating this condition.

1. Cold Compression

Cold Compression


Pressing a cold pack on your eye is a simple way of relieving some symptoms of red eyes. The cold compress relaxes the blood vessels in the eyes, reducing the redness. Also, it helps reduce swelling and burning. You can easily use a cold compression at home;

  • Put ice and water in a bowl
  • Soak a clean cloth in the ice water
  • Remove it and squeeze the excess water
  • Apply the wet, cold cloth to your eyes closed for about ten minutes
  • You can repeat this procedure in intervals daily

Also, you can use other frozen substances like corn, beans, and peas as they retain coldness for longer than a cloth.

2. Eye Drops

Eye Drop


Eye drops are applicable, especially if it is an allergic reaction or a mild irritation. Allergy eye drops are helpful in the bloodshot eye as it works to whiten the sclera. Additional uses are alleviating burning sensations and relaxing the eyes. However, eye drops should be used according to prescription, and it is wise not to overuse them as they may cause further irritations. Besides that, if you wear contacts, wait for a few minutes before putting them back on.

3. Oral Antihistamine

Oral Antihistamines


Oral antihistamines are a great way of treating bloodshot eyes from eyelash extensions. Antihistamines are used to treat different reactions in the body. Ensure a doctor prescribes it to avoid drug overdose or misuse. As soon as you start feeling eye discomfort, you can use a cold compressor, and if it does not recede, you can then take oral antihistamines. 

Something to note, if your eyes do not heal after two to three days, remove the eyelash extensions and visit a health facility to be checked.

4. Warm Compression

Make a Warm Compression


Using a warm compression is another way of reducing bloodshot symptoms. The mechanism of warm compression is that the heat stimulates the secretion of oil to the eyes and eyelids, hence acting as a lubricant that prevents more irritations. When using this method, don’t use a very hot cloth as the skin around your eyes is very delicate. Moreover, It is simple to apply a warm compressor; you just apply a hot wet cloth to your closed eyes and wait a few minutes. 

If the symptoms persist, you can try other techniques.

5. Tea Bags

Tea Bags


I’m sure you are wondering what tea bags are doing in this list; yes, tea is a soothing substance that helps alleviate eye symptoms like inflammation and redness. It soothes the eye after placing a cool, humid tea bag on your eyes for a while. Its effects are lasting and are gaining popularity due to its results. The variety of tea applied to the eyes are chamomile, black, fennel, and green tea.

6. Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel


It is a substance that works wonders to alleviate irritations, especially in the eyes. Due to its constringent properties, it helps in reducing red eyes by constricting the eye blood vessels. Its strength is enhanced when mixed with aloe vera, which acts as a moisturizer. Apply witch hazel, soak cotton in it and place the soaked cotton on your eyes for ten minutes. You will feel changes very fast.

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    Selfcare is an aspect that is being embraced in the modern world, regardless of gender. Loving and improving yourself is crucial for your personal growth, and for women, beauty has become a big part of self-care. For this to happen, you need to use various products on your body that are helpful. However, any foreign substance introduced into our bodies always has effects. To minimize these effects, ensure you get your lashes from a certified eyelash extension supplier.

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