Hybrid Lash Extensions: Everything
You Need to Know

Whether it’s the Individual (Classic) approach or the Russian Volume Lash technique, we all love eyelash extensions. However, there has recently been a surge in consumers expressing concern over a ‘new’ application technique known as hybrid lashes. 

You might be wondering what hybrid lash extensions are. The term “hybrid” refers to an application process that gives your lashes a beautiful fullness and texture. This is accomplished by skillfully blending classic and volume lash treatments throughout your lash line. They’re ideal for anyone who can’t decide between our classic and volume lashes! With celebrities like the Kardashians fueling the popularity of the hybrid technique, it’s no surprise that it’s now known as American Volume Lashes. Our goal with this blog is to provide you the inside scoop on hybrid lashes.

What Are Hybrid Lashes


Hybrid eyelash extension suppliers provide a mix of volume and classic eyelash extensions. The combination is completely adaptable; depending on your needs, you can get a glamorous or natural image. Volume fans are used to generate fullness instead of classic lash extensions, which are meant to add length. You get the best of both worlds with hybrid eyelash extensions but without the dramatic effect of Volume lashes.

Hybrid sets are often made up of 70 percent volume extensions and 30 percent classic extensions in varying proportions. However, there is no such thing as a perfect ratio. To get the perfect blend of dramatic and natural, some lash stylists choose to use a 50/50 mix. For those with sparse natural lashes, a 60 percent volume extension and 40 percent classic extensions ratio is applied.

Fans are made by gluing together two to eight lash extensions that are affixed to a single natural eyelash. This technique adds depth and volume to your lashes, but it can be customized based on how full you want them to be. Among the volume admirers, an individual eyelash extension is placed to one natural eyelash to give a wispy lash look that is unique to your natural lashes.

How Hybrid Lashes Set Looks Like


Hybrid lashes are ideal for those who want to add a little extra drama to their classic set, or for those who want to try out volume lashes before making a full commitment. Volume fans can be placed in sparser regions to make the lash line look larger, which is ideal for anyone with naturally fine or slightly gappy lashes.

Classic lash extensions are utilized to enhance the length and break up the uniform, linear shape created by a more classic Russian Volume treatment, while volume fans create the fullness. This popular lash treatment, popularized by celebrities like the Kardashians, is ideal for anyone who wants customized lashes with the definition of a traditional Extend treatment but with added depth and volume.

You can enjoy the luxurious beauty provided by hybrid eyelash manufacturers as long as you have a natural eyelash to attach a lash extension to.

Features of Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid eyelash extensions

People are moving away from the single eyelash lash these days. Instead of a straight line across the eyes, they want something that generates layers. The hybrid eyelash procedure creates eyelashes that aren’t all the same length. This gives them a more natural appearance. The style is also more spiky and bold. Longer and shorter eyelashes are mingled together.

Many other eyelash extension techniques are more difficult than hybrid lashes. They are easier to apply to the face and last for a long period. They’re also less expensive than other sorts of modern lash extensions. The technique can be used to highlight the inherent beauty of the eyelashes rather than fully concealing them. This allows folks to evaluate if the technique is good for them and fits their desired look. People who have naturally fine lashes or who have gaps between their lashes. This technique allows the wearer to fill in slight gaps and add volume without having to completely cover up their natural lashes.

Benefits of Hybrid Lashes

Eyelash Extension
  • If you’ve tried traditional lashes and want to add some volume, hybrid lashes provide a fuller lash line with the perfect balance of fullness and structure.
  • A less expensive alternative to our volume application approach for a volumized lash line.
  • A lash look with additional texture.
  • Hybrid lashes combine the best of both worlds, creating a more natural,’ messier’ look that is less consistent and more akin to how natural lashes grow.
  • Set of lashes with a lot of volumes and a lot of deep dark color.
  • Hybrid Lashes will give you a fuller look by filling up any gaps in your lashes. Low-density natural lashes can be made to appear sparse with Classic Extend lashes. Combining two processes to give you a one-of-a-kind result

Hybrid lashes are exactly what you’re looking for right now.

Hybrid Vs Classic Lashes

Classic eyelash extension

Individually applied classic eyelashes are applied to your natural lashes in a 1:1 ratio. Volume extensions, on the other hand, usually have a 1:2 to 1:10 ratio. Classic extensions, for the most part, add length, whereas volume eyelash extensions offer drama. Hybrid eyelash extensions are a blend of conventional and volume lashes. It’s the best of both worlds, with a natural, full appearance. A variable ratio of 30% classic extensions and 70% volume extensions is used in typically hybrid sets. Hybrid extensions also provide greater volume and texture without appearing false or unnatural.

Classic eyelash extensions in this style are the most common. We’re talking about a one-to-one ratio of one extension to one natural lash. As a result, we can only apply as many extensions as your natural lashes allow. There can’t be an extension where there isn’t a natural lash! So, if you have scant lashes and want to fill in your lash line, classic eyelash extensions aren’t the best option. You should keep reading to learn more about Hybrid and Volume extensions.

Hybrid Vs Volume Lashes


Volume eyelash extensions are a more technical application in which the technician builds a fan shape out of 2-10 very thin eyelash extensions before putting them to the native eyelash. When you put these fans next to one other, what happens? You’ll end up with a set of lashes that are dense and fluffy.

If you’re all about the glitz and glam and have the courage to back it up. The use of a bold set of volume extensions should suffice. Hybrid lashes, on the other hand, are ideal if you want natural-looking, full lashes. Finally, the eyelash extensions you and your lash specialist select will be determined by your objectives.

Hybrid lashes are made up of a 70-30 mix of classic and volume lashes. Hybrid extensions provide your customers with the best of both worlds. The effect is created by layering classic lashes with volume lashes that are properly placed to frame the eyes. Hybrid extensions provide more volume and texture than volume lashes, but without the unnatural appearance of volume lashes.

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    Hybrid eyelash extensions are an excellent choice if you’ve always wanted long, beautiful lashes. It’s usually a good idea to consult our team of lash experts at Starseed for the greatest results. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s possible vs what you’re hoping for.

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