Individual Lashes vs Strip Lashes: Which Is Better?

Have you ever had a hard time picking what lashes you want to wear? Two of the most popular choices are individual and strip lashes. They each work for different people and carry distinct functions in your regular life. We pick these lash types not only for their popularity but for how flexibly they can work for you.

We will help you get to know individual and strip lashes more intimately and how they differ from one another. With our insights, you can pick the right fit for your purposes and maximize your purchase.

What Are Individual Lashes?

Subtle and lowkey, individual lashes are clusters applied to improve your eyelash appearance. 

They come with a few hairs made from synthetic or natural human hair and work to help improve lash distribution. As such, they make your natural eyelashes look cleaner by covering any spots that lack lashes. 

Advantages of Individual Lashes

As they come in small units, individual lashes would often take 30 minutes to put on. They are also quite cheap. Each lash is also easy to modify to suit your preferred length or curl. Since they are attached or matched with your natural eyelashes, they can be worn anytime, even in bed.

Disadvantages of Individual Lashes

Because they are individual lashes, they can come off as being too heavy to support your natural lashes. As such, clusters of individual lashes could do more harm than good. Natural lashes grow at different rates and the placement of individuals could potentially cause some damage on the eyelid. Individuals are also not reusable as they easily fall along with your natural lashes. 

What Are Strip Lashes?

Strip lashes are made of lash hairs kept together in fabric or synthetic bands that adhere well to your skin. What makes them different from individual eyelash extensions is that they are a complete set of lashes that are removable. Due to their convenience, you can find them readily in any drug store at affordable rates.

Advantages of Strip Lashes

Because they can be worn multiple times, they last much longer than extensions and can save you much money. Even with different materials or custom choices, you can keep them for several days and still mix your styles. Strips take a shorter time to put on, making them the right choice to put on the go.

Disadvantages of Strip Lashes

To ensure your strips can last longer, you will need to be committed to their constant care. They should not be worn in bed. Strip lashes also require cleaning after every use as glue can easily get stuck on the lashes. However, you should also avoid getting them wet to maintain their quality. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Between Individual Lashes and Strip Lashes

When you choose which lashes will last you through the weeks, there are a number of considerations to make. Weigh in your personal budget and choose the specific times you would opt for your eyelash type. Look out for price, convenience, and style so that you will not go wrong.


Though individuals are fairly light and last up to six weeks, their long-term use does come at quite a hefty price. Most individual eyelash extensions can be bought from around $100 to around $500, which does not include any maintenance fees. Touch-ups are also needed to keep them preserved and looking more luscious, which incurs additional costs. Faux mink lashes are particularly expensive. Depending on materials, you could spend up to $2000 annually, excluding tips for a refill. 

On the other hand, strips are fairly affordable, coming in between $10-50 for every pair purchased. However, what sets strips apart is how they are easily reusable. Strips complement your natural lashes rather than act as extensions to individual lashes and can be removed. This way, you can keep them around for over four weeks, saving you much for around a $50 one-time purchase.


Time is often of the essence for eyelashes. In this case, you can choose between long-lasting individuals that you keep around even in bed or detachable strip lashes.

Individuals can be kept around for weeks without removal but you will take time to apply them one by one. This could range from a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on how many are needed. You will also have to maintain the quality of your individuals with touch-ups and some visits to the salon. You will be investing a lot of effort into making your long-staying lashes worth it. On the other hand, you can put strip lashes on in 10 minutes or so and you can remove them in a quicker amount of time. 

Style and Custom Choices

Both can be made from different materials, which have varying prices and effects. Synthetic lashes are affordable due to their material but manage to evoke a bold statement. As such, they are popular at parties. Faux mink is excellent for its shiny texture and lightweight density.

Individual lashes are made with a specific style in mind and enhance your eye beauty. For example, traditional individual lashes or flare lashes are synthetic extensions that make your natural lashes stronger and exude graceful boldness. Individual lashes can come in 3D to 10D styles, bringing out more dimensions for intensity. 

For strips, they vary in quality quite often and look better when you curl your natural lashes first. This way, the strips do not look unnatural when you apply them. Your natural eyelashes would be modified further by different designs, ranging from winged to graduated and wispy styles.

Individuals vs Strip Lashes: Which Is Better?

Overall, we would give this to strip lashes, the right combination of longevity and easy application. Though individual lashes do not need constant removal and storage, they can cause slight irritation when they catch dust. Strip lashes may be made of low-cost materials but they outlast because they can be kept for future use. Even with the specialized looks of individual lashes, strip lashes can blend easily with natural lashes with minimal hassle. 

Starseed Makeup’s Top Line of Strip Lashes

For the most outstanding lash experience, go for Starseed Makeup’s strip lashes that maximize comfort in every way. With smooth cotton strips that meld with your skin, you will get no allergic reactions. Choose from different lash styles that go along with your natural eyelashes. Whether synthetic or natural, our lash hairs cause no irritation and fit perfectly with your eyes.

At affordable prices, you can get custom-fit lashes that are catered to your eye shape. Try out our hand-crafted strips today to get started on a lifelong eyelash beauty journey.

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