Lash Business

Starseed is among the best private label lash manufacturers in China and around the world.
Our services allow us to help you start a lash business that offers quality and caters to your customers’ needs.

Your Best-in-Class
Lash Supplier

As one of the leading mink lashes wholesale vendors, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality lashes to all our clients. We help you start your eyelash business by providing quality custom options at budget-friendly prices. We feature well-established manufacturing systems and employ the help of highly experienced professionals. This has allowed us to offer different eyelash options with different packages to complete your orders. We also feature quality assurance systems set up to ensure that we meet your customer’s needs.

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What You Can Source From the Best Lash Vendors

By Applications/Types

Knowing the application or type of eyelashes you should be investing in is important to ensure that you get the right options for your target customers. We feature different applications and types of lashes including:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • False lashes
  • Lash packaging
  • Eyelash tools

By Volumes

As your trusted faux mink lash vendors, we feature eyelashes that come in varied volumes. Some are thicker than others a factor you need to keep in mind to better serve your customers. The different eyelash volumes we feature in our company include:

  • Classic eyelash extensions
  • Hybrid eyelash extensions
  • Volume eyelash extensions
  • Mega volume lash extensions
  • Flat eyelash extensions
  • Pre-fanned eyelash extensions

By Materials

Eyelashes are manufactured using different materials depending on your specific requirements. We feature the best quality material to ensure that the eyelashes are durable and offer long wear. Some of the options we feature include:

  • Faux eyelashes
  • Mink eyelashes
  • Silk eyelashes

By Effects

Considering how the lashes turn out and how your customers will receive them is also important. We feature different eyelashes that come with varied effects when worn. Some of the best options we feature include:

  • Strip lashes
  • Individual lashes
  • Cluster lashes
  • Magnetic lashes

Choices for Large-Small Brands to Start a Lash Business

Our private label lash is a great option for individuals or companies looking to offer their own branded lashes. This option allows you to custom make your eyelashes and packaging.

We have established ourselves as the go-to individual lash vendors offering wholesale options with incredible prices. This comes in handy for established eyelash suppliers looking to cater to a growing customer base.

We feature the option to order lashes in bulk to cater to companies that have a bigger budget to work with. This option gives you a great advantage with the option for more discounts on orders made.

Our custom-made lashes services are meant to cater to companies looking to bring a unique aspect to the market. This allows you to cater to your creativity and offer different products that help you stand out.

Things to Consider When Starting a Lash Business

Sample Testing

Sample testing is an essential aspect to consider when starting your lash business. At Starseed, we offer free lash samples for you to test out.

Business Budget

Your business budget will help you determine the minimum order quantity you’ll be working with. We feature a low MOQ of 50 pcs to help us cater to all budgets.

On-time Delivery

Having a clear understanding of transport and logistics will help you plan for your business. We feature fast delivery services using DHL or FedEx that take up to 3 days.

Lash Quality

Lash quality determines the durability and how long your customers enjoy the use of your lashes. We feature certified processes that allow us to offer the best quality lashes for your business.

Lash Options

You have different lash options that come in different styles giving you a great variety. We offer different choices from our existing product catalog for you to choose from.