Wispy Lash Extension: What is it?

The beauty industry is advancing daily, especially in makeup. In the eye makeup sector, false eyelashes are setting the pace for other products; that’s why you will find a new product in the market almost every day. Wispy lashes are a good example. Not so many people are familiar with these extensions. In this post, we dive straight into the details of wispy lash extensions to bring you up to speed on what’s trending.

What are Wispy Lash Extensions?

Wispy Lashes

Wispy lashes are lash extensions that are made from different lengths of handmade fan lashes. Commonly, they use about 2 to 6 lashes to make wispy lashes. The final look is an alternating length of lashes, making the extensions wispy. These lashes are suitable for clients who like a dramatic look. In a layman’s language, you can refer to wispy lashes as freestyle lashes where you blend various types of lashes, shapes, and lengths, creating a spiky look that some people prefer.

Wispy lash stylists face a challenge when designing and applying the lashes because it gets confusing to know where to place the longer strands and the shorter ones. Also, where to put more volume and where not to. Due to this confusion, some techniques have come up to help the stylist do a better job; an example of these techniques is mapping. 

Wispy Lash Mapping

Wispy Lash Mapping

If you are wondering how the wispy lash comes about, then we have the answer for you. Stylists use a mapping technique to determine the positioning of lashes to avoid chaos on someone’s eyes. This technique is helpful as it saves a lot of time and money that you would have otherwise wasted. Mapping is also customizable, meaning a stylist can modify the design to suit their client’s facial orientation and according to their preference.

You can do mapping by starting from the higher points; these points are where to place the spikes. Doing this makes visualization possible; hence, you will modify areas lacking and reduce those with too many lashes. Use different lengths at the spike points while concentrating the middle or outer corners of the eye as the spike points. After you have secured positioning, start to fill in.

Application is also critical since you will have to decide which lashes will go between spikes and other areas. If you plan to use fan eyelashes, then it is best to use premade fans. If you decide to use handmade fans, stress increases since you are competing with time and the client’s patience. Handmade fans are prone to errors that you cannot afford while your customer is lying there waiting for their eyelash extensions.

A quick tip to remember, use shorter lashes at the high points to bring out the spiky look better. Mapping is also effective when you consider your client’s natural lashes. Since every individual’s lashes are unique, to be the best stylist, work around this aspect to produce the best results.

Preparation for Wispy Lash Mapping

Gel Pad for Mapping

With any procedure, you will need equipment to facilitate the process. For wispy eyelash extension mapping, the process has tools that technicians use during mapping. The tools include:

  • A colored pen: choose a pen with a different color from the lashes. It is to ensure you map well with preciseness to promote accuracy.
  • Pads (gel): gel pads are the surface where you will do the mapping. Get a gel pad that can permit you to write without any problems. Place the pads below the lower lashes.
  • Eyelash extensions: collect various types of eyelash extensions with different lengths to help you in the mapping. 

Additionally, some stylists use charts to guide them on what they want or what the client prefers by looking at the images and pointing out the best. 

Types of Wispy Mapping

Different Types of Wispy Mapping

According to your skills and the client’s eye and facial orientation, there are several ways of mapping and selection. They are as follows;

  • Wispy Queen: it is the most famous mapping style and is suitable for many people since it blends well with various eye shapes. It is done by positioning the longer strands at the center of the lash line while the shorter ones at the corners and the remaining area, producing a doll-eye look.
  • Just wing it: it is the opposite of wispy queen mapping as longer lashes position is at the corners of the eye. The look here is a seductive one.
  • Bombshell: a bombshell mapping style includes six long broad points. These points become the focal point of the whole set. Other lashes will be shorter than them, giving the longer ones even more space to shine. One good feature about the bombshell is how it is easily adaptable. It is the lash style that will make you stand out more among other eyelash extension lovers.

Benefits of Wispy Lashes

Wispy Lash on a Band

Like any other eyelash extension, wispy lashes have some benefits that will lure you to try them out. The benefits of wispy lash extensions include;

Corrects Eye Asymmetry

Asymmetrical Eyes Mapping

Yes, wispy lashes help to create a perception of symmetry if the eyes are not. So how do wispy lashes correct asymmetry? It is effortless; for instance, if the right eye is lower than the left eye, the wisp for the right eye will be longer. Longer strands at the lower eye make the eyes look the same, eliminating the asymmetry temporarily. The lashes are effective for creating a symmetrical look, especially when taking professional photos. 

There is an Extra Glamour

Glamorous Look

Wisp lashes are also known as the Kim K lashes, meaning these lashes are very glamorous and outstanding. Many celebrities love wispy lash extensions, especially when attending significant events like Galas, award ceremonies, and casual parties. It is also a beauty statement on the red carpet where you want to look and feel stunning. 

Builds Confidence

Building Confidence

With everyone turning their heads to catch a glimpse of your popping eyes, you feel gorgeous and attractive. These two aspects build your confidence and self-esteem, getting you ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. Believing in yourself is very important for your mental health, which will have a ripple effect on your physical health.

Saves Time

Eyelash Extensions Save Time

Having eyelash extensions saves you a lot of time, especially in the morning, while getting ready to start the day. The lashes are on your eyes; hence there is no need for you to wake up too early or get late to work because you were putting on lashes. Furthermore, you can also save time by avoiding other makeup. When you have wispy lash extensions, you do not necessarily need additional makeup like mascara since it creates a beautiful effect without eye makeup.

Creates a Younger Look

Youthful Face

Wispy lashes are very dramatic and remarkable, creating a younger look on the wearer. Since eyelashes tend to be voluminous depending on what you want, the result is you will look youthful and active. Get your wispy lashes from a trusted eyelash extension manufacturer, and don’t be left out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes lashes wispy?

Lashes become wispy by employing a technique whereby the premade fan eyelash extension is made with strands ranging from 2 -6; then, you attach them to a band alternating short with long lashes. This difference in lengths makes the lashes wispy.

How do wispy lashes look?

Wispy lashes appear feathery and refined with a spiky look due to the difference in lash length. This look is popular among celebrities and those who like a dramatic look in their eyes.

How often do I have to refill my wispy lashes?

Just like any other eyelash extension, wispy lashes will shed off with your natural lashes. During installation, the false lashes attach to your natural lashes, which have a life span of approximately six weeks. It is advisable to refill your lashes every 2 – 3 weeks, depending on your fallout rate.

Can I sleep with my wispy extensions?

Yes, eyelash extensions are meant to stay long on your eyes, meaning it is safe to sleep with them. However, you need to be careful when sleeping with extensions as the wrong position or pillows can reduce their lifespan or distort their shape.

Do false lashes damage the natural lashes?

Falsies can sometimes damage your natural lashes, especially if they lack any form of maintenance. If you take care of your lashes well, then there is no need to worry. Also, you should choose your stylist well as some may be underqualified to install extensions damaging your lashes in the process.

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    When it comes to makeup, it is either you do it right or don’t do it at all. The right makeup will turn heads anywhere you go and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like some attention from time to time. Wispy lash extensions are the ultimate eyelash extensions for the crazy and fabulous look you’ve been craving. It is a simple process to make wispy lashes, but it’s always best to work with a professional. For your quality premade fan lashes to use on your wispy, order them now from Starseed.

    We are an eyelash extension manufacturer that provides quality services and goods, including customization of lashes. Reach out to us for more information or any inquiries.

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