2 Pairs Magnetic Lashes

Private Label 2 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes have really been quite the trend in cosmetics in the past couple of years. With the extremely high demand for this product, all the top beauty brands have stepped up and are now offering their own version of magnetic eyelashes for the buying public.

If you are in the beauty business, it makes perfect sense to include magnetic eyelashes in the list of products that you offer to your clients. Better yet, it would be great to have high quality magnetic lashes that are under your own brand. Fortunately, it is not very hard to find a private label magnetic eyelashes manufacturer that can supply you with the specific types of magnetic eyelashes that you require.

Pop Up & Enjoy

Before we discuss the process of finding a good magnetic eyelashes manufacturer, let us first talk a little bit about why the magnetic eyelashes are so popular. The main reason is in the magnetic strip that to which the individual lashes are attached.

This magnet has replaced the glue that is used in traditional false eyelashes. It is what keeps the lashes securely in place for up to 10 hours of use, sometimes even longer.

Magnetic eyelashes are easier to put on and to take off. It takes only a couple of seconds to snap the magnetic strips together, compared to the several minutes that you spend applying glue and letting it dry when you use regular lashes.

Magnetic lashes also last for many more uses because the lashes do not suffer the wear and tear of constant rinsing off of the glue. Magnets also do not cause any allergic reactions or other skin irritations, which are sometimes possible with adhesives.

Why Choose Our 2 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes come in a variety of packaging options. Some boxes contain just a single pair of eyelashes and others have multiple pairs. If you are going to buy magnetic eyelashes, beauty professionals will highly recommend that you buy the pack that contains 2 pairs of lashes, even you expect to use it only once. Why? There are a few excellent reasons.

First, you can enjoy a nice discount if you buy two pairs instead of just one. Second, it would be good to have a spare in case the one you are using gets damaged or lost. Third, there are many magnetic eyelashes manufacturers that produce 2-pair packs that include different styles of lashes. This will give you the chance to try different looks for more versatility.

Find Your Brand A Top Magnetic Eyelashes Manufacturer

With the incredible demand for these beauty accessories, eyelash manufacturers from all over the world have stepped up and created their own versions of the magnetic eyelashes.

As an owner of a brand or a business, it would be your duty to find which of these manufacturers would be able to provide the best kind of magnetic eyelashes that would appeal to your market.

The benefits of having your own brand of eyelashes are numerous. But first, you need to find the best magnetic eyelashes manufacturer who can supply you with the lashes that you need.

It is very important that you take a close look at each potential supplier’s product catalog. This will show you the kinds of eyelashes that they are capable of producing. The catalog will also show you how much customization they are able to provide, as well as basic data for doing business with clients, like the MOQ, turnaround time, and so on.

Here at Starseed, we are able to provide any kind of eyelashes that our clients require. We can use any of the popular materials used for magnetic eyelashes like synthetic or natural mink fur. We can also cater to smaller orders, unlike other manufacturers whose MOQ are in the hundreds of thousands. Starseed has been providing top quality magnetic eyelashes to beauty brands all over the world. If you are interested in our products, we will be very happy to serve you.