10 Best False Eyelashes For Asian Eyes

Choosing the perfect false eyelash for your eye type can be quite the task, however, this dilemma can be solved with a little exploring. You must get your false eyelashes from a top-quality false eyelash manufacturer that can help you get the eyelashes that fit you perfectly! 

Do you have any confusion regarding which eyelashes to buy for Asian eyes? Wondering what type of eyelashes will look good on small, hooded eyes? Read on to find out the top 10 best false eyelashes available for Asian eyes.

1. Classic Eyelash Extensions


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One of the best choices for false eyelash extensions for Asian eyes is the classic eyelash extensions. It is light on the eyes and does not make the eyelash situation too crowded or heavy. 

You can apply the classic extensions to give yourself a natural, subtle looking yet beautiful definition to your eyelashes. The classic eyelash extensions blend in beautifully with your natural eyelash to give your eyelashes the perfect look and volume. 

You can use the classic eyelash extensions in a 1:1 ratio, meaning one individual lash extension is glued to your natural eyelash. This creates a subtle look that is also natural while providing the extra glam your eyes need. 

The pros of this method are that the extensions are light on your eyes and it won’t look too unnatural, at the same time giving your lash the volume and length it needs. You can get your classic eyelash extensions done by an expert. 

You can purchase your custom false eyelashes from top-quality false eyelash suppliers who can provide the best eyelashes as well as eyelashes that fit your eyes perfectly.

2. Volume Eyelash Extensions


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The volume eyelash extensions can be used to create more volume for your eyelash. And individual natural eyelash can be paired with multiple volume eyelashes to give your eyelashes the lush look it needs. 

You can customize your false eyelashes to give the volume and the length to your eyelashes to make your eyes more defined and beautiful. You can come in contact with a quality false eyelash manufacturer who can provide you with custom false lashes to match your needs!

You can find quality volume eyelash extensions from the best false lashes supplier to give you the lush-looking eyelashes to adorn your beautiful eyes!

3. Ellipse Eyelash Extensions


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Are you aiming for a more dramatic, lush look? In that case, the Ellipse eyelash extensions can be perfect for you. These lashes stay on longer on your natural eyelashes since they are light and fit perfectly with your natural eyelashes.

These extensions are light on your eyes and yet provide the perfect lash volume and length. If your eyelashes are too thin and weak to support heavier false lashes, these ellipse false eyelash extensions are your way to go! They are mild and light on the eyelashes and they are super comfortable to wear.

Always make sure to get your ellipse/flat eyelash extensions from only the best wholesale false eyelash manufacturer and supplier so that you can get only the best in quality.

4. Magnetic Eyelashes Extensions


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Do you not want to go through the hassle of applying glue to attach your falsies? Magnetic eyelashes provide you the best comfort wear and you can also skip the hazard of having to use potentially harmful eyelash glue or messing the eyelash work that can lead to an uncomfortable situation. 

These lashes clip onto each other with your natural lashes in between. This is a safe option and you can even customize it according to your lash type and eye type. What’s more, magnetic eyelashes can also be used more than once!

Always remember to get your magnetic eyelash kit from the best eyelash manufacturers only. These lashes are safe on the eyes and eyelashes and they are great for beginners who have not yet learned to work their way around eyelash glues yet.

5. Hybrid Lash Extensions


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A hybrid lash extension is perhaps one of the most popular lash extensions and treatments since it contains the best of both the worlds of volume lash extension and individual classic lash extension. 

Using a hybrid lash extension can give you the length and the volume of your eyelashes the way you need them. This lash extension is also not very heavy on your eyelashes and you can customize it to fit your eye type and lash type perfectly. 

Always make sure you choose your custom eyelashes from a reputable false eyelash factory so that you can choose from the best options. You can also request free false lashes samples to try on and decide for yourself which one suits you the best.

6. Mega Volume Lash Extensions


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Now, this is for those who want the extra bling! Mega volume eyelash extensions can give you the extra volume you need for your eyelashes to help you complete your mega glam look. 

The mega volume eyelash extensions can add up to 16 lash extensions on an individual natural eyelash, giving your eyelash extra volume and thickness. Always consult an expert who can help you attach these lashes to your eyelids. 

However, if your eyelashes are weak and your eyelids cannot bear too much weight, it is recommended that you go for a volume lash extension that is much lighter on your eyelashes. 

You can get your custom false eyelashes from an expert false eyelash manufacturer. You get to decide the number of lash extensions and get your customized mega volume lash extensions from a trusted false lashes supplier.

7. Faux Mink Eyelashes Extensions


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Faux mink eyelashes are made to imitate the false eyelashes made from mink fur. Compared to mink eyelashes, faux mink false eyelashes are vegan and perfect for Asian eyes that require light fine hair for eyelash extensions.

You can find several different faux mink eyelashes that are suitable for Asian eyes and eyelashes that cannot handle a lot of weight.

A. 15 – 20 mm Faux Mink Eyelashes

The 15-20mm faux mink eyelashes are made from synthetic fibers and they imitate the mink eyelashes while being a completely vegan option. They look very natural and subtle but still gives the wearer an extra definition to their eyelashes. 

This eyelash is perfect for those who cannot carry a lot of weight on their eyelash and it also provides the length and volume they need. If you order these eyelash set from a trusted false eyelash manufacturer, you can apply them to your eyes without any hesitation. 

You can also choose from a range of faux mink eyelashes that vary in size and length and you can customize your order, your way. This sense of versatility with top quality eyelashes can give your eyes the extra attention it needs!

B. 3D 5D Faux Mink Lash Extension

3D faux mink lashes mean that a single fan of the extension will have 3 times more lashes compared to one natural lash of yours. 4D gives you four times more lashes and 5D gives you five times more lashes for one single natural lash of yours. 

This varies in size as well and you can choose from various options mix-matching between the length and the number of hair extensions you want per natural eyelash. You can even order bulk false eyelash extensions. This is perfect for wearers who want to create their look. 

Always remember to buy your products such as 3D-5D faux mink eyelashes from trusted sellers and manufacturers only. Sometimes, companies can end up cheating you, so always remember to get only the best products. 

Always check if each fan from your eyelash extension set has the same number of eyelashes you asked for so that you can achieve your look without a second thought. You will only get quality products and products the way you asked for from the leading sellers of fake eyelashes.

C. 6D Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

The 6D faux mink eyelash extensions are the most voluminous, giving you 6 times more lashes volume than your regular lashes. These are perfect for wearers who want the extra drama and bling!

However, these eyelashes can get heavy on those whose eyelashes cannot handle too much weight so it is recommended only for those who can carry heavy lashes to enable maximum comfort. 

Always make sure the product you are getting brings you a fan with 6 times more lashes. Always get your products from a leading false lash supplier to avoid such discrepancies so that you can enjoy your glam look without any hassle!

8. L Curl Lash Extensions


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L curl lash extensions give you a beautifully soft yet elegant lash look and provide a beautiful lift to the wearer’s eyelashes. It gives a wide-eyed look and lifts the eyes to provide more glam. 

The L curls are perfect for eyelash wearers with a monolid and since the L curls have a flat base, they give the wearer the perfect eye lift, giving them the ultimate look. Since the L curl also gives a sharp curve upwards, the L curls are perfect options for the beautiful Asian eyes to flaunt. 

Always get your eyelash extensions and eyelash extension tools from a leading false eyelash producer so that you will always be satisfied with your product. And make sure to get your eyelash fixed by an expert who can give you the perfect upward lift for your eyes.

9. M Curl Lash Extensions


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The M curl eyelash extensions provide an amazing dramatic curl. The base is flat but has a soft bend that sets it apart from L curl lashes. This lash is perfect for those with downturned angle natural lash but not for people with hooded eyelids.

The M curl eyelash extension is perfect for clients who want to achieve a perfect wide-eyed and lifted eye effect.  These eyelashes can give you the perfect look you are going for and make your eyes pop. 

Always get your false eyelash extensions from a trusted leading brand so that you do not have to worry about quality. You get the best-customized products to fit your eyes and eyelashes to give your eyes the perfect lift and wide-eye look. Always get your lashes fixed by an expert so that there is no scope for error.

10. L+ Lash Curl Extensions


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The L+ curls are perfect for users with hooded eyes, droopy eyelids and deep-set eyes as it gives them the ultimate lift. This eyelid life effect gives your eyes the definition it needs to look wide and awake. 

The L+ curls are a little curlier than the L curls with a flat base and curls that turn upward. The lashes are perfect for users with upturned-angle lashes to provide the best light and lifting look for the wearer. 

This eyelash extension is perfect for Asian eyes with a hooded eyelid or slightly droopy eyes as this eyelash extension gives the wearer an incredible eyelid lift and life to the eyes. 

Always remember to get your custom false eyelash extensions from a leading false eyelash manufacturer so that you have assured quality products every single time. Always consider getting your eyelashes done by an expert so that they can give you the perfect eyelashes to go!

    Start Your Lash Business


    Although it appears to be difficult to shop for false eyelashes for almond eyes, it is not that difficult, since there are a lot of options that come along for Asian eyes. 

    Always remember to search for false eyelashes from the best false eyelashes supplier who does not compromise with quality and values customer satisfaction. 

    So, go ahead and select from the many options available to flaunt your beautiful eyes, the way you like them, and feel like a queen!

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