An Extensive Guide To Magnetic Lashes

Not everyone is born with long and curled beautiful lashes to give a flair to the eyes. Applying fake eyelashes has brought forth a dramatic solution for those who don’t have naturally long and luscious lashes. However, gluing the fake lashes is a cumbersome and messy process. Here enters the new product inclusion of vegan magnetic lashes that are dominating the market today.

As the name suggests, magnetic lashes come along with a magnet which makes the two lashes lock together along your natural lash line. Before this trend picks pace and you’re left behind, have a look at all the details about magnetic eyelashes.

What Are Magnetic Lashes?


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Magnetic lashes are one of the most coveted beauty items in today’s routine. They have become popular because of their ease of usage and reusability as opposed to the glue version of fake lashes. Magnetic lashes easily latch on to the real ones with their magnetic strip and eyeliner.

How To Apply Magnetic Lashes?


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Applying magnetic lashes can be excruciatingly annoying if you’re using them for the first time, but don’t worry because eventually, you will become a pro with practice. You can order custom strip lashes to perfectly fit your eyes so that you don’t have to waste your time cutting the length and breadth.

To apply the magnetic eyeliner, follow the quick and easy steps correctly:

  1. Shake the eyeliner to make sure that the magnetic compound gets evenly distributed. If the magnetic compound does not get properly distributed, then your lashes may not stick
  2. Apply the magnetic eyeliner to your natural eyelash line while ensuring that you create an uninterrupted line
  3. It will take a couple of minutes for the magnetic liner to dry. Do not attempt to attach your lashes before the magnetic liner dries
  4. Place the lashes above and below the eyeliner and they will latch on to each other

If you require to adjust the eyelashes, then you can trim them using makeup scissors a little bit to meet your requirements. Make sure that you don’t remove the outer magnets on the lashes in the process because, without them, the lashes won’t stick properly.

If you want to remove the magnetic lashes, then you can simply pull them away from your lashes. The eyeliner can be removed easily using a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover. You can use a cotton bud to get the liner off in one go.

Are Magnetic Lashes Reusable?


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Magnetic eyelashes are reusable and this quality is what makes them dominating in the market today. You can clean the lashes after using them once and they are good to use again. 

Magnetic lashes can be used up to 50 times and if you get them from renowned private label lash suppliers, they may last longer as well. 

With this rate of reusability, it allows its users to minimize the cost and overall waste. False eyelashes are usually made up of plastic and they end up in landfills but some of them are made with recyclable material. Since magnetic lashes are reusable, they won’t end up in the regular cycle of disposing and ending up in landfills, which reduces the overall waste.

If you keep your magnetic lashes clean and maintain them properly, then you can reuse the lashes more often than the regular false eyelashes.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?


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Magnetic lashes adhere to your natural lashes with the help of eyeliner glue. The eyelashes remain attached to your lash line with tiny magnets on the lashes that are virtually invisible. Basically, the natural eyelashes are sandwiched between the two false eyelashes with magnetic force.

Make sure that you get your lashes from reputed false eyelash suppliers to ensure top-quality magnets that last long.

How Long Do Magnetic Eyelashes Last?


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Even though non-magnetic lashes can be reused, they don’t last as much as magnetic lashes. The longevity of magnetic lashes depends on several factors such as the material that is it is made up of, the thickness of the lashes, your ability to take care of the magnetic lashes, or lack thereof.

Normally, fake eyelashes made up of synthetic material can be worn 8 to 10 times and faux mink lashes last up to 30 times. But again, that depends on the brand that you are using and how meticulously you take care of them after every use.

How To Use Magnetic Eyelashes For The Best Results?


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It is easy to use magnetic eyelashes by carefully following the instructions given on the package. For the best results, follow these steps:

  • For a natural look, you can trim the eyelashes to fit perfectly
  • To get a perfect lash line with a bold look, apply some mascara
  • Fill in the gaps using individual eyelashes if you need more volume
  • Don’t forget to clean the lashes after every use

How To Clean Magnetic Eyelashes?


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You already know that it is important to keep your magnetic lashes clean for their durability. There are two ways in which you can clean your eyelashes after every use and take care of your lashes.

Method 1:

This method will help you clean your lashes in a few simple steps. To clean your magnetic lashes, you will require:

  • Cotton roll
  • Cotton swab
  • Eye makeup remover
  • 90% alcohol

Follow the given step carefully to clean your magnetic eyelashes and increase their endurance.

1. Remove The Lashes


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Before cleaning your eyelashes, you need to clean your hands properly and then remove the lashes so that you don’t transfer any bacteria to the lashes. Handling the eyelashes with dirty hands can increase the risk of eye infection. You can use metal tweezers for removing the lashes as well.

To remove the lashes, gently grab the outer corner of your lashes and slowly pull them off. Don’t grab the lashes directly from the band because they might break off.

2. Clean The Lashes


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After successfully removing the lashes, you need to clean the eyeliner residue on your lash line as well as your customized lashes. This will make sure that your magnetic lashes remain in top condition. For this, you need to dip the cotton pad in an eye makeup remover that is non-oily. Rub the soaked up cotton pad on the magnetic lashes to dissolve the makeup residue on the lash.

Make sure that you make small movements and apply light pressure on the lashes while cleaning them so that you don’t end up distorting the shape of your magnetic eyelashes. The low-pressure factor is also applicable while you are sleeping.

3. Clean The Magnets Of Your Fake Eyelashes


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The magnets on the eyelashes need to be cleaned as well. You need to gently clean the magnets to prevent scratching them. Make sure that you remove the eyeliner completely from the magnets to keep them effective for using next time.

To clean the lashes and the magnets perfectly, you should use 90% alcohol. Just coat a cotton swab with 90% alcohol and wipe it along the strip of the lashes and magnets.

4. Keep The Lashes Dry


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It is important that you dry the lashes properly after you clean them. You don’t need to use a towel to wipe them dry, you can just place them on a towel and let them air dry.

Method 2:


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To clean your magnetic lashes using this method, you will require:

  • Eye makeup remover
  • Plastic container
  • Tweezers
  • Tissues
  • Eyelash Comb

This method is very similar to the first method with only one difference. Have a look at the quick overview of cleaning the lashes using this method.

  • Remove the lashes after washing your hands by gently pulling them. You can also use tweezers to remove the lashes.
  • Place your lashes in an empty container
  • Pour the makeup remover in the empty container until it covers the lashes completely
  • Leave the lashes in the container for only 5 minutes to let the makeup residue dissolve. If you let them sit for more than 5 minutes, your lashes will be damaged
  • Using a pair of tweezers, remove the lashes from the container and place them on a tissue
  • Place the lashes between your thumb and forefinger and use tweezers to remove the eyeliner residue from the magnets carefully
  • To ensure that your lashes are completely clean, dip them in the container and gently move them from side to side on both sides of the lashes
  • Get the lashes out and place them on another dry tissue and let them air dry
  • After the lashes are completely dry, comb them with an eyelash comb to retain their shape

What Are The Benefits of Using Magnetic Eyelashes?

1. Lack Of Glue

The most important benefit of using magnetic lashes is that it does not require glue to stick the lashes. Once you get comfortable with applying magnetic lashes, you will find that they are easier and quicker to apply than traditional false eyelashes.

Various eyelash manufacturing companies offer the option of ordering free samples to try out first. You can approach them to try the magnetic lashes before buying them.

2. Removing The Lashes


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Not only is applying traditional false lashes troublesome but removing them is just as challenging. Magnetic lashes are very easy to remove and it makes the entire experience of using false eyelashes much more enjoyable and hassle-free. You simply have to pull the eyelashes out for removing them.

3. Reusable


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Magnetic lashes are not one and done, they are reusable. If you regularly clean and maintain your magnetic lashes then you can reuse them 50-70 times, which is much longer than traditional false eyelashes. They are also less expensive than eyelash extensions.

4. Waterproof


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Since the lashes are held on with magnets, they remain unaffected by water and remain attached even if they get a bit wet from splashes in the shower and tears. However, don’t expect to go swimming with them without any effect. If the magnetic lashes get completely waterlogged, the weight will pull the lashes out.

5. Less Lash Hair Loss


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Using magnetic eyeliner lashes that the advantage of being kinder on your natural lashes. Sandwich lashes amount to minimum hair loss even after extensive use if you get them from the best eyelash extension suppliers.

With magnetic eyelashes, you can look great without worrying about damaging your natural eyelashes. It is a great option for those who have thin lashes or have suffered from lash hair loss.

What Are The Challenges Of Magnetic Eyelashes?


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If you are a first-time user of magnetic eyelashes, then it might take a while before you apply them correctly. With a few practices, you will learn to get them in the right position in no time. As you learn to apply the liner, you will understand how to best apply it to get the maximum hold. 

There is no other challenge that comes with using magnetic lashes as long as you are ready to spend a little bit of your precious time practicing.

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe To Use?


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Yes, magnetic lashes are completely safe to use. In fact, magnetic lashes are safer than the standard false eyelashes that are applied using glue because the lash glue sometimes contains substances that are harmful to the skin. There is no risk of accidentally applying glue to the eye area or entering inside the eyes.

Magnetic eyelashes do not contain any chemicals and are soft on nature too when disposed of. Because of this reason, it also minimizes lash hair loss even after several uses if you get them top eyelash extension companies.

The electromagnetic frequency released by magnetic eyelashes is also very low and completely safe. They do not disrupt the movement of your eyes or cause any damage to your vision. 

Are Magnetic Lashes Heavy In Weight?


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It might seem that magnetic lashes are heavy because of the inclusion of magnets, but that is not the case. They are light in weight just like any traditional false eyelash. They give a natural look to your lashes without making your eyes look small or droopy from the weight. 

Magnetic lashes are the perfect affordable solution for those looking to accentuate their eyelashes. Approach a private label eyelash company to get the best quality lashes at an affordable rate.

    Start Your Lash Business


    You don’t need to go through the hassle of gluing eyelashes to look beautiful and charming. With the comfort of using magnetic eyelashes, you can be ready in a matter of minutes with long and luscious lashes. They don’t harm your eyes or your natural eyelashes in any way, which is why they have become popular in the market.

    Just make sure that you buy your magnetic lashes from a reliable false eyelash vendor for the best quality. 

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